Everybody Is Naming The Baby!!!!!!

What I really really … like REALLY hate about our society is that it interferes with your personal issues & it doesn’t have the right to at all. Like every stupid thing they interfere in.

I remember in my wedding, I was sitting on the right side & making a space on the left side for my husband to sit in when he comes. One of my grandma’s friends told my granny to make me sit on the left side because the husband is supposed to sit on the right it. My poor granny came & told me & I replied with an angry smile “go tell your friend to mind her own business, I’m sitting on this side & I’m not moving at all, he’s my husband not hers & I decided where he sits”. Just imagine, that old lady is interfering in where my husband is supposed to sit, shako?

Now, what I’m going through is something else! Every one in Kuwait is participating in the “Baby-Naming” event. it’s like a festival. I understand if my aunts & sister are participating, khala9 they’re part of me by default, but when it comes, to friends of the family? I wonder what gives them the right to? or is it that they just wanna share their own opinion? I didn’t ask for it! Even though it’s a harmless interference, y3ni I can listen from one ear & get it out from the other one, but seriously it’s irritating me.

Oh & there are few of Grandmother’s friends that I really can’t stand! I started my own warnings list & will provide it to my grandma before the baby pops out! I think i will also provide this warning list on my blog 😛

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22 thoughts on “Everybody Is Naming The Baby!!!!!!

  1. 7amood

    name him 7amood 🙂

  2. Hey be cool not just you its for every one whose expecting a baby so this is normal just don’t be so sensitive about it, You might like there suggestions who knows ! Just hear them out no harm done,
    Sharing is good you may want to look at it from another angle, Maybe its there way to express that thy care right ? Or maybe they got a new subject to talk about 🙂

    • I dont mind close people giving me suggestion but those old ladies wallah piss me off! you hvnt lived ur life mingling with them! Smtimes you want to kill yourself from everything they say!

  3. people in general like to butt in everything. it is their nature to not mind their own business. they like to interfere in the name of “help”. it is either they feel the need to because when they ask u what u want do u want to name the baby and u answer “i havent decided yet” they think “oh boy she is in trouble” and decide at that moment to be the superman and rescue that first time to be a mom cz she is meskeena she doesnt know what on earth has gone to her. Or that they feel that harsh rash on them that they itch to jump in ur life bcz apparently it helps them to forget their own lives for once. Of course sense my sarcastic and irritated tone by my previous words bcz i know how irritating ppl could be when it comes to minding their own business.
    My suggestion, take it or leave it, tell them that you’ve already found a name and u r keeping it as a surprise for the whole world to know when the baby is due. That way they’ll think that you’ve figured everything out and you’re just fine without them, even though in reality you are still on hunt to find a name 🙂
    and good luck Allah ma3ach 🙂

    • hehe 😛 bs u know u never see these things in western society! it just with us Arabs, we like to stick our nose in other people’s businesses!

      i was thinking of saying that bs b3den sm women will go to the next level & will nag to know the name! y3ni u close a door, another one opens 😛

      • yeah because they are too busy to succeed rather than looking in other people’s lives.
        LOL you’ve got a point there, well there is only one option left: give them the cold shoulder and frighten them LOL ;p

      • yeah yeah im planning to do that LOL 😀

  4. If it’s a girl name her Jackie if it’s a boy name him Jack o fokay 3omrich 😛 Hehehe o ely gives you grief point them to me and I’ll take care of them! 😛

    • ana agol glby wayhech :p lol

      bs i’ll point them to you 😉

      • Gelbay waihech ha?! Ana awareech khal yowsal or towsal o ana akhareb’hom 3alaich! 😛

        O you have to admit Jack or Jackie are sexy names 😛

      • Sebastian is hotter for a baby boy 😉

  5. Haw chan geltee lee ,, 7etta ana 3endee suggested names 😀
    LOL , just teasing 😉

  6. Yona

    OMG ! people are butting in everything !! Ya3ni I had a first born child ! they kept nagging when will you get her a bro/sis ?!?! WHAT ! That’s for me and my husband to decide not you ! like you I don’t mind the close family member talking ! but people at work !! Huh ??? when did I meddled in your business ! I don’t even know how many children/grandchildren you have ! we are that formal with each other !! but thank god no body butted themselves when it came to naming my first born and my baby to be !! No one Dares LooL

    • I knoooow ambeh tell me about it! Imagine, now that im in my 5th month & this is my 1st child, family started talking “yalla yalla the 2nd child is after this one immediately” Im like whaaaaaat? the 1st one hasn’t been delivered yet & you’re talking about the 2nd one!? lol

  7. AG

    In America we always ask if people have come up with a name, but unless it’s an immediate family member, we don’t offer an opinion — that would be considered rude.

    But, perhaps it’s people’s way of trying to share in your happiness? Sometimes I feel the culture here might be more ‘involved’ in family business because of the large, close families. Also, older people have lived longer and often feel their opinion is verrrry important. It’s nice to treat them as if it really is and show them great respect. One day you’re going to be one of those women 🙂

    For now try not to let the little things bother you. Be thankful this is your biggest problem — life could always be worse. And focus on keeping your stress low to ensure a happy, healthy baby 🙂 I’m sure you and your husband will come up with a beautiful name and insha’Allah all goes well with the remainder of your pregnancy.

    • I don’t mind listening to the opinions of my own family but far friends & family friends & old ladies, that’s just too much & i wish it’s considered rude in Kuwait! I don’t consider it a problem as it’s smth irritating! there are far bigger problems than this & i hope i wont face any!

      Thank you dear 🙂

  8. Hey I have been thinking what about ( 3bbaaas ) looool
    Picture this : Hey Om 3abaas who you doing today 🙂 Classy ha J.K hhhhhhh 🙂

    • okay, im not laughing 😐

      khale9aw el asami y3ni 😛

      • Frankly my fav names are
        Abdullah Mohammad Khalid
        As I am sure you already have decided what to call him 🙂

      • yes we’ve decided for both Girl & boy names! & it’s not among the names u’ve mentioned 😀

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