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Everybody Is Naming The Baby!!!!!!

What I really really … like REALLY hate about our society is that it interferes with your personal issues & it doesn’t have the right to at all. Like every stupid thing they interfere in.

I remember in my wedding, I was sitting on the right side & making a space on the left side for my husband to sit in when he comes. One of my grandma’s friends told my granny to make me sit on the left side because the husband is supposed to sit on the right it. My poor granny came & told me & I replied with an angry smile “go tell your friend to mind her own business, I’m sitting on this side & I’m not moving at all, he’s my husband not hers & I decided where he sits”. Just imagine, that old lady is interfering in where my husband is supposed to sit, shako?

Now, what I’m going through is something else! Every one in Kuwait is participating in the “Baby-Naming” event. it’s like a festival. I understand if my aunts & sister are participating, khala9 they’re part of me by default, but when it comes, to friends of the family? I wonder what gives them the right to? or is it that they just wanna share their own opinion? I didn’t ask for it! Even though it’s a harmless interference, y3ni I can listen from one ear & get it out from the other one, but seriously it’s irritating me.

Oh & there are few of Grandmother’s friends that I really can’t stand! I started my own warnings list & will provide it to my grandma before the baby pops out! I think i will also provide this warning list on my blog 😛

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Movie Review: M.I.B. 3

How can I truly express myself about this movie? HOW?

One of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen. It was a very bad idea to make a 3rd sequel. The 1st & the 2nd ones were just fine, we good actually, but this movie made me hate everything about Men In Black. What were they thinking about when they decided to make a 3rd part? make more money?

The plot was very ordinary, shallow & the action wasn’t convincing at all. The script was dull & boring, I bet there were parts you were supposed to laugh but I couldn’t. It was very silly, I’m telling you. 7addah s5eeeef :/

The characters were also shallow & nothing special about them. We know few things about K & J’s past but still it wasn’t enough to make the movie interesting. Tommy Lee Jones looked very old & expressionless, thank the lord he didn’t appear in alot of scenes.

The movie is a huge failure!

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