NANOS Baby Clothing

When I was shopping in Discovery Mall, I came across this newly opened store called NANOS. I couldn’t resist not entering & taking pictures of the lovely & elegant clothes. The brand is from Spain. The store has boys & girls clothes, but mostly girls & it starts from 6months & above, I believe til 4 or 5 yrs but I’m not sure about that.

I loved the neutral colors of the girls dresses, the hats, beanies & mini panties (so cute). Wallah I wished that my baby will turn out to be a girl so I can buy her clothes from this store. Hell, I even thought of buying her eid clothes for next year if it turned out to be a girl (mo shayfa 😛 ).

The store is located in Discovery Mall.

Check the pictures;

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10 thoughts on “NANOS Baby Clothing

  1. Up High Lullaby

    Hello Swera, congratulations! I just nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award and wrote a short review about your blog. To read the review and accept the blog, click on then scroll down to see how you can accept your nomination and save the Award to your blog.



  2. the store looks so cute! law ana chan sharait elma7al kilaa lol

  3. Allah e3eeen’ha your daughter 3alaich if you have a daughter 😛 Hehehe take many pictures because they will be used to blackmail her into anything 😛

    O you know I’m just messing with you!

  4. lv

    the store has clothes for children 0-14 years.

    check out heir facebook page:

    • The lady at the store told me their clothes from 6 months, they don’t hv for newborns! & as til 14 yrs old, i didn’t know about it! Thank u for the info!

  5. Um Hamda

    hello there,

    Im from UAE and we don’t have NANOS in our country and i wish to have it they sell nice clothes for kids

    • Hi there,

      That’s too bad, well when u visit Kuwait u can drop them a visit at Discovery mall 🙂

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