Book Review: Scandal In Spring

This book was kinda dull & boring, it shouldn’t have been written at all! The Wallflowers should have been 3 girls & the series should have ended with Devil in Winter because the 3rd book was amazing & it should have ended like that!

Now, it’s Daisy’s turn (Lillian’s sister) to search for a husband before her father arranges her marriage with Matthew Swift. Daisy suddenly falls in love with Matthew but she has to face his past that’s been hunting him forever.

The characters in this book are all the same except for Mr. Swift. That made the story dull. Although it gave me a laugh now & then, I didn’t laugh as much as I did when I read the 3 previous books. It felt as if this book was written just like that to finish the series. in the first 3 books, we were able to discover the real characteristics of Annabelle, Lillian & Evie, but in this book it felt that Daisy was shallow, there was nothing special about her at all!

Read it to finish the series, but you won’t enjoy it as much as the first 3 books!

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Scandal In Spring

  1. It just felt too rushed and not well balanced in my opinion but I still enjoyed seeing all of the characters from the earlier books, to me that trumps bad writing any day! 😛

    • Very rushed, we didn’t get to enjoy Daisy’s funny character at all! I love them all anyways 🙂

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