Living With A Severe HeartBurn

One of the awful things pregnant women have to deal with is living with heartburn. It started in the beginning of the 3rd month, it was a very normal heartburn & it used to attack my body at night. But these days, late 4th month/early 5th month, the heartburn is constant. It starts the moment I drink my morning coffee til I have my night cold milk. Trust me, it doesn’t help, the cold milk, medicine, walking! NOTHING WORKS! Everyday, I feel exactly like the woman in the above picture. I swear it’s like fire coming out of my mouth. Only pregnant women can understand what Im talking about :/

Myths say that your baby is making/developing/having alot of hair. I say, how can you tell that? I mean the baby is living inside a bubble, how will his/her hair affect my heartburn? Ofcourse, the reasonable is explanation is that the baby is making alot of pressure as he/she is expanding/growing, therefore, my stomach is producing acid which is going up in my throat & burning me :S

I dunno what will happen in the upcoming months, I believe it will get worse!

9ij le galaw, eljanna ta7t aqdam el omahat! hatha ba3da ma6ala3 o chethy en3ani!

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16 thoughts on “Living With A Severe HeartBurn

  1. Allah e3eenich enshalla o egawmech bl salama… It sucks to be that uncomfortable all the time but oh well you are cooking a baby inside 😛 Hehehe enjoy it o enshalla it comes out with a full head of hair 3ala kel hal 3athab hatha 😛

    • hahaha ambeeh ta5ayelay after all this, he/she comes out with no hair at all! athba7 3mry 😛

      ameen ya rb :*

      • LOL eee tekhayelay hehe no hair after all that torture! 😛 Bs yalla hopefully it fixes itself soon.

      • la la nshallah the baby will have lots of hair 😀

  2. Allah y3eench w ysaahl 3leich! I remember my aunt suffered from heartburn while she was pregnant and she was constantly munching on cucumbers, try it, might help. xx

    • wallah it’s always temporarily, u rest for a bit but then it comes back!

      ameen ya rb :* thnk u dear 🙂

  3. 7amood

    Talk to your Dr. about talking an over the counter medication called omeprazole.

    I take it everyday for my heartburn. For it to work, you need to take it in similar fashion to anti-biotics. i.e. it cures your heartburn over the longrun, and not like “fawar” or that “pink goo” people drink to solve their short term heartburn.

    Also, coffee/tea/chocolate worsen your heartburn. stay away if you can 🙂

    Hope you feel better.

    • Trust me even water gives me heartburn! the acid is just flowing in my throat because of the baby, there will be no solution at all! Everything I’ll take it will be temp!

  4. RIYA

    Hi, i also had severe heartburn during pregnancy. Doc advised me avoid chocolate, citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato-based products, mustard, vinegar, mint products, and spicy, highly seasoned, fried, and fatty foods.

    Also, Avoid drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, cola) because these can relax the LES and allow acid to reflux back into the esophagus.

    I have also heard that drinking lots of coffee will make ur baby dark and keep him/her awake throughout the night after birth (although i don’t believe it).

    • I tried avoiding those kinds of food but even water gives me heartburn so it’s just no use! beside, i only drink one cup of coffee & i dont believe that the kid will turn out to be dark lol 😛 probably active, not sleeping at night maybe, but still i dont believe those pregnancy myths 😀

  5. So happy for you! Not for the heartburn but the baby, lol! I’ve also read that coffee is the worse thing you can drink for acid reflux but I would die before giving up my favorite drink. Hee hee!

    My sister just had a baby boy and I’m so proud to become an Auntie again. Congratulations and wishing you the very best Swera! 🙂

    • well, thank u dear & congratulations on ur new arrival! it’s a great feeling having a tiny creature in the family! hope one day u’ll get to experience it nshalllah 🙂

  6. Hi sweeraa eklay tofaaa7 kil youm 3ashan ur baby y6la23a sha3r ;p

  7. wiiiwii ya wiiwiii

    for heartburns ma illik ellaaaaa TUMS! order them from amazon,, MAGIC!

    • Is it ok for pregnant women? beside, heartburn is becoming better & im using Moxal 🙂

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