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Post Pregnancy Look

That’s Victoria Beckham after giving birth to her lovely cute daughter Harper *sniff*

I dunno if I’ll be able to pull such a slender form after pregnancy but I’ll definitely try nshallah!

She followed the Five Hands Diet. When I read about it, I almost suffered from severe depression :/ But I guess that’s what you have to do to get a hot body. Even though she’s very thin, i still do love the look of her body, & her strong will. Yallah erzegna 😀

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Living With A Severe HeartBurn

One of the awful things pregnant women have to deal with is living with heartburn. It started in the beginning of the 3rd month, it was a very normal heartburn & it used to attack my body at night. But these days, late 4th month/early 5th month, the heartburn is constant. It starts the moment I drink my morning coffee til I have my night cold milk. Trust me, it doesn’t help, the cold milk, medicine, walking! NOTHING WORKS! Everyday, I feel exactly like the woman in the above picture. I swear it’s like fire coming out of my mouth. Only pregnant women can understand what Im talking about :/

Myths say that your baby is making/developing/having alot of hair. I say, how can you tell that? I mean the baby is living inside a bubble, how will his/her hair affect my heartburn? Ofcourse, the reasonable is explanation is that the baby is making alot of pressure as he/she is expanding/growing, therefore, my stomach is producing acid which is going up in my throat & burning me :S

I dunno what will happen in the upcoming months, I believe it will get worse!

9ij le galaw, eljanna ta7t aqdam el omahat! hatha ba3da ma6ala3 o chethy en3ani!

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