New Header with a Bassinet

Don’t you just love Jacqui? Look at the lovely changes she has done on my header 😀

I Love It ❤

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10 thoughts on “New Header with a Bassinet

  1. Shelay il “L” in the Title of the post 😛 Proof read kho gabel ma you post 😛

    And 3alaich bl 3afya akeed you love me 😛 Xo xo Gossip Girl 😛

  2. Very nice you deserve it and Thanks a lot for Jacqui ( Make one for me as well ) looool J.K !
    Swera better if you keep the old one in this post so we can see all the changes 🙂
    and Inshallah Allah yarzegich a cute healthy baby ,, Belsalama 🙂

    • Nshallah I’ll put it on October, coz there will be other changed 🙂

      ameen ya rb! thank u 🙂

  3. allah your profile perfect with new baby 🙂 enshallah Girl Like you i hope that .. and enshallah toldeeen besalmaa enshallah yarb … etha Girl Sameeha ” jeenaan ” or etha Boy ” 3esssa OR ibrahim OR ahmeed Or 7maad i Like them all …XD

    • lol la we have too many Jenans in the house! Names are set khala9 we’re waiting to know a girl or a boy bs nshallah a girl as u said o elli eyi mn allah 7ayah allah 😀

  4. lovely and cute
    well done Jacqui
    o tolden bel salama inshallah :*

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