Book Review: The Devil In Winter

So far, this is the best book I’ve read in the Wallflowers series (1 book left). The story was just different from the first 2 novels. The first one was genuine, the 2nd one followed the same rhythm of the 1st novel but with a different style. This 3rd book was totally different in story, style & plot.

Evie, the shy girl who stutters, makes a marriage proposal to the devil himself Sebastian St. Vincent, who was the villain in the 2nd book. In the 3rd book he becomes the hero & my oh my! What a hero. I’d fall for him even if he was Satan himself. The way he talks, the way he treats Evie & the way he loves (qatel).

From the 2nd book you end up hating Sebastian, but in the 3rd book you totally fall in love with him & you see & witness how his personality changes when he starts falling in love with Evie. The man who broke the hearts of many women, is now making a vow to love only one.

The characters are somehow different, we get introduced to new ones. The plot is different, the marriage starts from the beginning, not at the end. Changes in personalities & attitude. A very powerful story. Totally loved it ❤

The book was very very easy to read, finished it just in one day 😀

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Devil In Winter

  1. Etloomeny leman I tell you this is my favorite book? Hehehe the near ending of the book is absolutely heart breaking! And to me Sebastian (one of my favorite hero names) will always be my Damon 😛 Hehehe kalb I love him!

    P.S. last sentence of first paragraph here needs a re-read 😛 Fee missing letters in a word 😛 [De3la ana mo?]

    • 7addech de3la 😛

      Yeah one can totally compare him to Damon. They’re tortured souls 7aram 😦 I also love the name (Sebastian) very sexy lol 😉

      But seriously, couldn’t keep this book down! The best!

      • I apologize in advance for Book 4 hehe although it’s going to make u laugh like crazy bs the ending will leave you saying “O ba3dain!” hehe of course there are a few other books out there that continue the series hehe 😛 Bs still it felt like a hurried ending!

        And I think I might have another book like that if you loved this one!

      • Even though I loved the characters, I will not read another book khala9! Will end it withe last one & that would be it! Recommendations are highly appreciated 😀

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