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Book Review: The Devil In Winter

So far, this is the best book I’ve read in the Wallflowers series (1 book left). The story was just different from the first 2 novels. The first one was genuine, the 2nd one followed the same rhythm of the 1st novel but with a different style. This 3rd book was totally different in story, style & plot.

Evie, the shy girl who stutters, makes a marriage proposal to the devil himself Sebastian St. Vincent, who was the villain in the 2nd book. In the 3rd book he becomes the hero & my oh my! What a hero. I’d fall for him even if he was Satan himself. The way he talks, the way he treats Evie & the way he loves (qatel).

From the 2nd book you end up hating Sebastian, but in the 3rd book you totally fall in love with him & you see & witness how his personality changes when he starts falling in love with Evie. The man who broke the hearts of many women, is now making a vow to love only one.

The characters are somehow different, we get introduced to new ones. The plot is different, the marriage starts from the beginning, not at the end. Changes in personalities & attitude. A very powerful story. Totally loved it ❤

The book was very very easy to read, finished it just in one day 😀

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New Header with a Bassinet

Don’t you just love Jacqui? Look at the lovely changes she has done on my header 😀

I Love It ❤

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TV Show: Person of Interest

My new IT tv show these days is Person Of Interest. Created by Jonathan Nolan & the Creative Producer is J.J. Abrams, shall I say more? I don’t think so. If you’re a fan of LOST, Flash Forward, & Mission Impossible then you’ll know who’s Mr. JJ 😉

Having nothing to watch these days because all TV shows have ended & only 2 weeks separate us from the coming back of True Blood, I thought why not try & watch one of the new tv shows. My choice went to Person of Interest because of Mr. Abrams of course.

It’s about a system, a secret machine that pinpoints persons who are in danger. Jim Caviezel & Michael Emerson are out there to save these people, save their lives. It’s full of action, thriller & drama. You sense the TV show has something from both LOST & Flash Forward.

Watch it, it’s really worth your time 😀

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