The Sight of Real Books


Nothing can beat the sight or the touch of real books! I haven’t been seduced to ebooks & never well coz they’re very very harmful! You might see them as very useful but to me ebooks are pure evil & they’re ruining the real essence of books. The paper, the smell of an un-opened book! How can someone ignore it & just go to ebooks because it’s easy to handle or use or because you can get books faster? The wait for such package is totally worth it!

Damn you ebooks … I hope you die soon nshallah!

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12 thoughts on “The Sight of Real Books

  1. Fal allah wela falech 😛 Laish tad3eeen 3ala my eBooks! I love both eBooks and real books simply because I don’t have to wait longer to have the book in my hands and I can carry more books in an eReader than an actual library 😛

    Enjoy Book 3 & 4 :P!

    • technology might be useful but it can ruin many things! it’s not considered a book if it wasn;t made of real paper *grin* 😛

  2. I’ve got to admit, for the longest time I was with you and hated the very idea of ebooks. But, we got my mom a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and I have to say, it really is great. I still miss the feeling of a book in my hand, but the added resources at your fingertips cannot be questioned. Being able to go from one book to the next instantly is amazing (especially since I am a fast reader and can go through a novel in about a day and a half).

    Traditional books will always have a place in my heart, but I would recommend giving ebooks a chance – they arent as bad as they seem.

    • I know it’s very useful & it helps alot in saving time & space! but still I can’t, i just can’t read from it. I can’t read anything if it wasn;t written on real paper!

  3. stacyblaise

    I think there is room for both. A novel that you are pretty sure your are only going to read once would probably be ok on an ebook. But, there is nothing like having a bunch of books laying around. I also agree about the smell of books. I love it.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

    • i do agree with you on this point, i’d faint to see a book thrown in the trash but smtimes you cant help it. i usually don’t throw books unless the book is awful & i’ve done it only twice or maybe 3 times. but then how can u be so sure that this book will be good or bad?

  4. Up High Lullaby

    it’s true what your saying i love the feel and smell of real books. I’m actually rethinking about getting the Kindle Fire,maybe it’s better to spend the money on actual books

  5. Up High Lullaby

    btw whats the best way to buy books online ?

  6. Orange

    Swera, could you lead me to a good site to get my ebooks.

    • Seriously? I’m telling you am against ebooks & you want me to lead you to a site that sells them? beside, i dunno any!

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