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Making My Own Darra3a

I’m not a “darra3a” person. I don’t wear it all except in Ramadan & it started 3 years ago because of gatherings & gerge’an parties! And to be honest, these days, girls who are selling darra3as in exhibitions are very very exaggerating in their prices! Like why do I have to pay KD 150/200 for a darra3a that I’ll wear once or twice? WHY y3ni? Okay I get it it’s hectic, the prices of fabrics are not cheap and so but it doesn’t make sense!!

Above is a picture of the fabric I’ve purchased recently & it was around KD 22/- add the tailors fee, it might reach around KD 15/20. So the total of one darra3a will be between KD 40/45 (depending on the fabric ofcourse). Now if they’d sell it for KD 80 or 90, or even 100 it would be somehow reasonable because they want to profit from their hard work! But to exceed that limit in an unreasonable way, then that’s just too much!

I was talking about the fabrics bought from Kuwait. But if the fabric was bought from abroad then okay, i can understand if the prices were over!

So, with me buying my own fabric & dealing with my own tailor. i saved around KD 50 or something like that! Beside, I might turn out to be a huge oval ball in July, I decided to do my own darra3a so that it will be adjustable when I reach that stage. & most importantly COMFY 🙂

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The Sight of Real Books


Nothing can beat the sight or the touch of real books! I haven’t been seduced to ebooks & never well coz they’re very very harmful! You might see them as very useful but to me ebooks are pure evil & they’re ruining the real essence of books. The paper, the smell of an un-opened book! How can someone ignore it & just go to ebooks because it’s easy to handle or use or because you can get books faster? The wait for such package is totally worth it!

Damn you ebooks … I hope you die soon nshallah!

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