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Fursa Q8 Summer Internship

” Fursa is a non-profit Kuwaiti startup company determined to change Kuwait. In our first project we are striving to remove the stigma Kuwaiti youth have upon them, that they’re a consumer society. So we started Fursa’s summer internship program. We give our willing youth from the ages of 16 to 27 years a chance to work at Kuwaiti owned and managed businesses, to help give them an idea of how it feels to work in the private sector as well as learn what it needs to start their own business one day. The internship is a paid one (with a maximum amount of 100kd) and includes an intensive interview with a certified psycologist from the Kuwait Counseling Center as well as pre work training about work ethics, time management and professionalism.”

  Email: fursaq8@gmail.com
     Website: www.fursaq8@gmail.com
     Twitter: @fursa_q8
     Instagram: @fursaq8
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Here & There-Singapore

This is the last post about my trip to Singapore last year. I’ve gathered some random pictures I’ve taken around the country & put them for you all in one post to enjoy.

Singapore is a very small country, one week will be more than enough to see everything & enjoy your time there. We stayed 11 days there & kinda felt bored at the end. So don’t stay more than 7 days. Pass by Kuala Lumpur or Bali if you want, they’re very near.

Enjoy the pictures 😀

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