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Smooth Pregnancy

It’s very rare I guess for a pregnant woman to have a smooth pregnancy but fortunately, I’m one of those lucky ones (El7mdellah). As I am in my 5th month, everything is going very smoothly & perfectly. I never vomited nor had low blood pressure or any kind of bad symptoms pregnant women suffer from. To be honest, I’m only suffering from severe heartburn which is annoying me alot, but I’m taking medicines which only help for one hour or so πŸ˜‰ but all is good el7mdellah!

Let’s see how it all started. I remember I used to wake up early February feeling nauseated & dizzy. & I fell twice or 3 times, one time my husband was able to catch me LOL but others, well you don’t wanna know if I banged my head on the kitchen cabinet or on the wall πŸ˜› After a couple of weeks I knew I was pregnant yeeeppppeee πŸ™‚ The attack on the kitchen specially the fridge started immediately. I’d literary egt hungry every 2 hours or so, I couldn’t help myself but eat & keep on eating til I couldn’t breath. The scenario would be repeated every 2 hrs & so on πŸ˜› After that, the craving started to cease a bit, I’m back to my normal eating & I’m not hungry all the time. Pregnant women are known to have weird cravings but til now, I haven’t craved anything weird, except for burgers in the middle of the night or white rice with yogurt & ma3booch every now & then πŸ™‚

My mood swings are very stable except the first couple of months when i used to cry like a lunatic for no reason. I’d open the window to enjoy the beautiful breeze of Mars & booom, tears are rolling down. I’d drive my car crying all the time. I see my husband’s face & I cry. I was very depressed & sad. I spent the 1st months crying, I doubt I have any tears left right now πŸ˜› But thank god everything stopped in the beginning of the 4th month & I became very happy & excited. I didn’t have one of these pregnancy madness, screaming at people or my husband or anything, I’m actually very serene & peaceful πŸ˜€

I spent my whole time sleeping & I’m still sleeping all the time, good thing I don’t have a job right now or else I’d have slept on my desk & wouldn’t care if my manager saw me or not. When the sleeping bug hits you, you can’t control it. Although, I’m feeling very active & super healthy these days, that sometimes i wish i had a job to enjoy my time but what can I do? I guess I’m gonna have to enjoy my pregnancy at home & then motherhood πŸ˜‰

My belly is still not showing, even though I expected it to show because I’m not skinny or anything. Sometimes, i doubt that I’m pregnant but when I look at my sonogram photos, I assure myself that I’m pregnant for real πŸ˜› I dunno how’s the baby growing or how big he/she is, but it’s def not showing! Still πŸ™‚

Boy or Girl? I still have no idea, will know nshallah next week. Will keep you posted πŸ˜€

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Afropolitan’s by Marella

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Book Review: It Happened One Autumn

Can I say that this book gave alot of laughs? Lisa Kleypas is an awesome author, some writers can’t make it in sequels! I mean, the 1st book interests you but then the 2nd & the 3rd will dull you but not with Mrs. Klepas. The 2nd book of the Wallflowers series was hilarious. The Bowman sisters are really funny & witty, not to mention the countess hehe πŸ™‚

Although it’s very predictable but fun to read & know how Lillian & Marcus will end up together. St. Vincent is an interesting character that we get introduced to in this 2nd book & I believe he’ll be the hero in the 3rd book. Looking forward to that because he was somehow evil in this book, so I dunno how he’ll be the hero in the 3rd book. That shall be interesting!

The characters are the same & still have their own characteristics. The plot is also the same (catching a peer) but with a different twist.

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Bothroos In Da House

Many of you may wonder who’s this fella? & why is he called “bothroos”? Well, it’s very obvious that he has huge teeth coming out of his mouth πŸ˜› This lovely cute doll belongs to our lovely bloggerΒ Alnoury. She started taking him every where with her & then, she created an instagram page Β for him for people to enjoy his advenyures & “gezzing” πŸ˜›

On Friday, Bothroos visited me & spent the whole day with me πŸ˜€ he was really tiny & cute hehe! I introduced him to my husband who didn’t like him & said he looks scary lol πŸ˜› he even thought his existence affected my attitude haha πŸ˜€

Anyways, so i was fasting & decided to take him with me to have Futoor outside at Cuts-Movenpick. He really enjoyed his time, having dinner with me & then walking in the hallway trying to knock on the doors of the hotel rooms πŸ˜› such a naughty doll πŸ˜‰

If you have instagram follow him & you’ll have fun watching his pictures here & there; @bothroos

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