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Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale

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Spoilers Alert

The drama with Grey’s Anatomy will never ever end. Almost every season ends with a tragedy & we’re left shocked, sad, upset, depressed & in agony for having to wait til next season to find out what will happen!

I understand a lil bit of tragedy to make things better later on, like to bring Christina closer to Owen & probably get back together or to show how much Lexi loves Mark & so. But creating a huge plane crash & killing people, that’s way too much Shonda!

Lexi didn’t deserve to die, she was a lovely character, it should have been April who should have died/killed in the season finale, no one would cry over her dead body, she’s irritating & noisy! Mar being severely injured & not knowing what will happen to him til next season. How they will be saved now, alone in the woods with no food or fire?!

I don’t know if someone else will die, we’re just gonna have to wait until September 2012. That would be the last season I’ll watch for Grey’s Anatomy coz it’s getting cheesy. Msa5at esalfa!

Farewell Lexi … We loved you 😦

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Everybody, Somebody, Anybody & Nobody

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I really have no idea who created this but when I saw it, I immediately thought of sharing it with you people! It’s shocking how this beautiful poem/song speaks about our reality. Specially in Kuwait

Enjoy 😉

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