Marina Bay Sands-Singapore

One of the most luxurious places in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. The place is really huge, you can’t finish it in one or 2 days, if you want you can but you’ll be VERY tired & exhausted. The place contains a very luxury hotel, the swimming pool is at the top of the building, a skypark which is very verrrrry high, a museum, casino, a theatre, and a very huge shopping mall with a variety of brands, restaurants & cafes.

I was able to visit the mall & the skypark, had a peak at the casino 😛 but my dad got pissed off, i dunno why? we were hardly looking (my sister & I). You know this kind of looking when you’re trying to look but trying to hide that you’re actually looking?! hope you understood what I mean. The mall was huge, I loved it, didn’t want to leave the place! We visited it 3 times when we stayed 11 days in Singapore!

The skypark experience was amaaaaaazzzzzing, being at the top & people looking like small ants lol 😛 the weather at the top was soooo beautiful & refreshing! The place has a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors in the windy weather or indoors if you felt uncomfortable.

I wanted to attend the Lion King show but the timing wasn’t right coz after we left it started, too bad!

A must visit in Singapore 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Marina Bay Sands-Singapore

  1. zainab

    did not understand d “”looking part “”.

  2. Amazing place, and amazing photography!
    Damn that spot of the sea looks crowded! :/

    • haha yeah very crowded! I think with your own skills & camera, photography will be amazing 🙂

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