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Marina Bay Sands-Singapore

One of the most luxurious places in Singapore isΒ Marina Bay Sands. The place is really huge, you can’t finish it in one or 2 days, if you want you can but you’ll be VERY tired & exhausted. The place contains a very luxury hotel, the swimming pool is at the top of the building, a skypark which is very verrrrry high, a museum, casino, a theatre, and a very huge shopping mall with a variety of brands, restaurants & cafes.

I was able to visit the mall & the skypark, had a peak at the casino πŸ˜› but my dad got pissed off, i dunno why? we were hardly looking (my sister & I). You know this kind of looking when you’re trying to look but trying to hide that you’re actually looking?! hope you understood what I mean. The mall was huge, I loved it, didn’t want to leave the place! We visited it 3 times when we stayed 11 days in Singapore!

The skypark experience was amaaaaaazzzzzing, being at the top & people looking like small ants lol πŸ˜› the weather at the top was soooo beautiful & refreshing! The place has a cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee outdoors in the windy weather or indoors if you felt uncomfortable.

I wanted to attend the Lion King show but the timing wasn’t right coz after we left it started, too bad!

A must visit in Singapore πŸ™‚

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Book Review: Secrets of A Summer Night

My first & not last read for Lisa Kleypas! & this is my first introduction to Historical Romance novels, gotta say I’m loving it.

4 ladies who are about to become spinsters, are very eager to find a husband so they can settle down & stop all the talks & gossips surrounding them. It starts with the eldes one. Annabelle, is willing to marry out of love just to be able to provide for her family. After her father’s death, their finances went down & couldn’t afford to pay their bells. So she swore she’ll find a husband who’s rich enough to provide for her family.

Comes Simon Hunt, who steals a kiss from Annabelle & leaves her confused. He’s not the kind that would get married, so he’s out of her league. As she tries to lure Lord Kendal to marry her with the help of her 3 other friends, Simon starts appearing in her life more than often. & starts to seduce her …

The characters are very funny, specially the American sisters (The Bowmans). Annabelle is very intelligent & strong, you can feel that from the words of the novel! as for Simon’s character, you won’t like him at first, I hated his character but then slowly started falling for him. Very charming & full of passion. Suits Annabelle just perfectly, but as I said, he’s not willing to get married now!

Loved the plot ALOT, & can’t wait to read the 2nd book of this series & see what will happen to Lillian Bowman & who she will marry πŸ™‚

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