Early Birthday Gift: Nikon CoolPix P510

I know my birthday is more than one month away, but what can I do? If i want something so badly, I have to get right away & I know how to get it on time 😀

As we have a Canon D55o, I thought why not try a new brand? If I like a brand, I never change it, so I was kinda reluctant to have this camera as my birthday gift but then I’ve read good reviews about it & said why not?

The Canon is very professional, we have around 3 super amazing lenses for it, & it’s big & heavy! I;ve always wanted a kinda professional camera but not that big & heavy! This one turned out to be the best choice.

Nikon Coolpix P510, is smaller than DSLR cameras, light & gives you super sharp photos with its 16.1 megapixels CMOS processing power.42x optical Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens. Built in GPS which automatically adds the location to your photos. Full HD 1080 movies, cool ha? Panorama mode which automatically combines photos to make 180 or 360 images (Can’t wait to try that 😀

In general, it’s what I want & I like it. If you want alight camera for regular photography then this will be a very good choice 😉

Read more about it here: Nikon Coolpix P510

What’s inside the box? …

Look at thaaaaaaat 😀

Vari-Angle LCD monitor 😉

what’s inside the box …

setting the menu

now look at that 😀

trying the camera … good picture!

a close-up shot

Took this photo to try some effects …

Painting effect … love it 😀

Color effect … lovely, isn’t it?! 😉

look at it with the flash, isn’t it cute? 😛

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10 thoughts on “Early Birthday Gift: Nikon CoolPix P510

  1. Looks very sexy 3alaich bl 3afya! And the best thing about it is the zoom lens hehe 😛 42X which basically is even better than most DSLR’s as it’s a tiny camera with a powerful zoom. It certainly gives you better images than that crappy point and shoot you’ve got.

    • looooool don’t make fun of that camera :S wella agolech go ahead! i won’t even bother & look at it 😛

      this one is really super cool & im loving it! allah y3afeech :*

  2. I am a Nikon user.. and used to have a Panasonic similar to your Nikon back in 2005..
    Much easier to carry around, no need to change lenses and stuff..
    Good choice..

    • Yes this one is very easy to use & carry! I don’t need to change lenses as u said & the zoom is just amazing, very clear & sharp 🙂

  3. ماشاءالله تبارك الرحمن
    كل عام وانتي بألف عليج
    وعليج بألف عافيه النيكون تستاهلين

  4. Happy B.Day in advance 🙂
    Well this is the best looking camera I have ever seen in my life lol 🙂
    3laich bel 3afya ,, Enjoy

  5. 3alech bil3afia! looks promising! swair kilish ma 3ndech wayed perfumes 😛 lol yi9l7oon for my perfume post :p

    • allah y3afeeech 😛

      hatha wala shay 3ndy b3d eb qowa6eehom 5ashat’hom b3dhom manfat7aw 😀

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