Renewed/Cancelled TV Shows 2011/2012


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12 thoughts on “Renewed/Cancelled TV Shows 2011/2012

  1. 7aramiya!!!! 😛

    Hehehe just kidding 3alaich bl 3afya 😀

  2. SiLeNTGRL

    ليش كنسلوا pan am
    اشوه باجي اللي اتابعهم ما لغوهم
    grey’s anatomy
    2 broke girls
    new girl
    hart of dixie

  3. I hate when they decide to cancel a show which some of them has really high rate !!
    I think there is a reason other than rating …..

    • for GCB it was moral issues, but as far as i know, its always about the rating!

      • It must be of the title and how they have related some religious issues
        There are a lot moral issues in other tv shows but still running !
        I saw GCB it’s kind of funny , In a way it reminded me of Desperate housewives!

      • GCB was really funny but it’d not like moral moral, i believe more like religious issues!

  4. OMG WAAAYED SHOWS! y3ne ilwa7ed yig3ad bil beet y5eees bas y6ale3 tv!

  5. O_o!
    Enzain what do you recommend ?

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