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Book Review: Garbo & Gilbert in Love

To be honest, I’ve never heard of both actors & I don’t know why I bought this book but sometimes I have this curiosity in me about hollywood actors & so I wanted to know about this love affair.

It was a heart breaking love story, somehow childish but beautiful! Even though they broke up after a while, still they remained in love with each other & both knew that!

But what annoyed me a bit, the story took another turn where it started talking about Gilbert’s failure in movies & how he ruined himself. It was supposed to be all about Garbo & Gilbert, but at the very end it became all about Gilbert & the end reunited Garbo & Gilbert again!

One of their movies

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Thank You Gelato Italiano

The lovely owner of Gelato Italiano Um3azoz sent me some Gelato bonbons. They’re chocolate bonbons filled with gelato *yummmy*.

I’ve been a fan of Gelato Italiano since 2003, my late mother used to take us all on Friday afternoon to have some Gelato, that’s why this place is very special & dear to my heart. After I created this blog, I came to know that the owner Dalal Alfalah is also a blogger (wow). Kuwait is really very small 😉

Now, that’s summer is here, you have to cool this unbelievable heat by having some gelato 😀

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