Pretty Petals Nail Spa

I tend to try almost every nail spa that opens in the country. I love pampering myself & I also love trying new places. A couple of days ago I was in Jabriya & came across this fancy name (Pretty Petals Nail Spa) so I decided to give them a visit & took my aunt with me 🙂

The place was very relaxing & quiet. The staff were very friendly & helpful. The decoration was amazing, loved every corner of the spa. Even the mini kitchen was so cute.

My aunt & I chose the petal treatment. She went with Citrus & I chose Vanilla with Plum. Elma & Joy worked on both our hands & feet, they were very professional & they were asking us about every single detail. They wouldn’t do anything before letting us know in advance.

The prices were verrrry reasonable unlike other nail spas.

And if you want a foot massage, you have to let Elma do it for you, my god she was amazzzzzzing, she knew about the places that needed massage in my feet & worked on them very hard, it was kinda painful but very relaxing. Good thing my aunt was driving 😛

Pretty Petals Nail Spa is located in Jabriya block 1 next to Zero Degrees & The Dragon Japanese Restaurant.

The mini kitchen

Sooo cute … I love it ❤

My corner

My drink 😉

My aunt’s citrus treatment

My vanilla & plum treatment! The smell was amazing!

Voila 😉

My aunt’s hand reminds me of my mom’s *sigh*

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12 thoughts on “Pretty Petals Nail Spa

  1. lovely colour mashallah. the place seems gorgeous, will def give it a try whenever I am back in Kuwait.

    • ask for Joy to do your mani & pedi, Elma for the massage! you’ll def enjoy your time 🙂

  2. yshaweqqqqqqqq mashalaaah! gotta give it a try soon bas ilmoshkila ina biljabriya ;(
    i love the colors wedi asawe my room chithy

    • ee the decoration is amazing, very soothing colors! shofay go to it in the morning & if u cant ditch work then u hv Friday & Saturday 😀

  3. Looks like fun! Will definitely give it a shot!

  4. Aisha

    أنا اتصلت عليهم ابي مكانهم اعرفه بالضبط وأخذ موعد عندهم ردت علي فلبينيه دايخه ولا تعرف اتحجه ولا تدري وين الله قاطها بس خل يتاكدون من اللي ترد على التلفون لانها واجهتهم ومشكورين

    • moshkila etha el wa7ed dag 3ala salon aw m63m o may3arfon ewa9folech!

    • mnmn

      لوووول واجهتني مثل المشكله .. رحت مو ماخذه موعد و بشوف الصالون استفسر و اذا في مجال يسولي بديكير الحين الفلبينيه دخلت الصالون و الفلبينيه تكلمني و اهيا تشتغل حق البنت !!! انزين ماكو غيرج بالصالون ماكو موظفة استقبال !! كلش ما حبيت الحركه طلعت على طوووووووول

      • ana ma9ar m3ay hal mawqef, daget 5athet maw3ed o kan hnak 5 mowathafat!

  5. Wow, it looks fabulous I wanna passby there soon !

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