I’ve Been Bombarded By Curses, Swears & Cusses! You Name It

Remember my post (& all bloggers’ posts) about the guy who stole F2oDesigns paintings & started selling them at KU Get2Gether Expo? His twitter account is @Saloomalm & i believe he has a partner I believe not sure!

Instead of saying sorry or admitting what he did was wrong (notice that he admitted on twitter taking the pictures from the net). He sent or (I don’t wanna make assumptions) his family & friends bombarded me this evening with the worst names & curses ever! Aaahhh you can’t imagine how shocked I was!

I was sitting watching TV & checking twitter & baaaaam many people came to my twitter account & started calling me names (you can check them with your won eyes, im not exaggerating) & yeah all of them are kids around 13 to 18 years old (from their profiles) el7mdellah wesheker!

This shows how low these people are & how wrong they are! They have nothing to do 6ab3an except call us names & curse!

Magol ella 7sby allah wan3m el wakeel o allah yntqm menkom.

P.S. To be honest I don’t about this Maitha if she belongs to the same gang or not but it all happened at the same time … coincidence much?

Now please enjoy reading what I’ve been called on twitter … this is a first 😉

e9ara7a y3ni madre shagoool! 3eni 3enek!

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45 thoughts on “I’ve Been Bombarded By Curses, Swears & Cusses! You Name It

  1. Feehom na89 tarbiya.. Ashkaal ista’3firilah. Malich shi’3l feehom & continue your day normally :p

  2. حسبي الله عليهم ناس مو متربيه

    لا تخلينهم يأثرون فيج اختي

    • wallah tabi e9ej 7arroooni awal shay le2ani maknt 3arfa shesalfa bs b3den 7agarthom! nas matest7i!

  3. Where the hell do such creatures crawl out from. Low lives. Swera honey just don’t engage with such ignorant/nasty creatures, they will beat you with experience.

  4. 7amood

    7igreehom..ajrich 3la allah

  5. nasserb37

    Again… خيشة فحم

  6. واااي شفيهم استغفر الله ! ما عليج منهم و لا تحرين عمرج

  7. Hulk…. SMASH!!!!!

    That’s all I’m going to say, walla lo ashof hal ashkal jedami amsek el khayzarana o a3alem’hom ely “Maby agol kalam wasekh 3ashan 3ndy followerssss who are sensitive to my shit” Seriously like seriously!

    Fraaack it all! 😛

    • haha who’s sensitive to your shit? 😛

      Danderma tgol khezarana mnage3a eb may o mel7 lol!

      lo hathy gbali chan allah el3alem sheno sawet feha!

  8. Yousef

    What. The. Hell. Seriously? what the hell is wrong with these people! sh.hal tarbeya!

    • exactly sh’hal tarbiya? madre ahalhom yabohom o ga6ohm beshare3? mako a7d metrabi esawi chethy!

  9. 5aleehm ynab7oon, yahal oo il 7achy ‘6ay3 ma3ahm.

    La t7reen gablch 3ala hal w9a5a il 7gran yga63 il m9ran ;p

  10. Ignorance is the best way for this situation
    Twitter is full of people you don’t know,
    So don’t be affected by there words,
    It simply reflects how they were raised !

    • unfortunately yes Twitter is full of illiterate people who weren’t raised at all!

  11. من كلامهم مبين مستواهم صراحه
    ناس منحطه

  12. Webo

    What.The.Hell O.O” !!

  13. How classy!

  14. واااااي انا احترييييت
    هذولا مو مال بلوك
    مال تروح ادارة الجرائم الالكترونيه و ترفعين قضيه سب و قذف
    و تاخذين على كل راس 5001 دينار

  15. 7asbi Allah 3alehom shalnmayen? wallah el kuwait is not the same. or the internet just made it clear how ill mannered some people really are.

    stay strong xx

    • it shows u how ill mannered people became & how wrong became right & right became wrong! just like that!

  16. Je La La!

    This is just sad! tweeting in this level of words and curses…3aib walla 3aib..”al-kilabo tanba7 wal qafelato taseer” my darling

  17. مالج شغل فيهم .. ناس مو متربيه ولا يخافون الله .. وراح اكتب موضوعج ببلوقي بعد علشان ينفضحون اكثر

  18. you could sue them you know? I remember my Doctor the other day saying that there is a specific FBI-like for cyber bullying and protecting people that is really good belsalmiya they know who is who even under a pen name. And of course you have the right to sue them. I go into the internet to find something to cheer me up and see this.. look at the bright side at least no girl shouted at you and called u disrespectful in front of everybody (tsk tsk that’s me read here http://writesz.com/2012/05/15/i-do-not-feel-good-about-myself/ ) Allah yfek hamich w hamna. I hope ina everything works out for us 🙂

    • ee i know about that but im in no estate to go through this hassle! allah ysame7hom!

      reading ur post now 🙂

  19. El 3ama el 3ama el 3amaaaaa!!!
    Shuuu 3aiiiibbb!!! la2 3anjad 3aib ma byeste7oo, tayeb they want to make a problem out of msh daroori yeseboo!! ye3meloo shi tani :S
    el 3ama el 3amaaa ana kteeer ma2hoora 3aleki 😦 Wallah sar el bani adam yet7asab la2eno 2al kelmet 7a2 o dafa3 3an el sa7?!

  20. mnmn

    وييييييييييييييييع صج خمه انا حدي احتريت شلون انتي شسالفه شالموضوع !! شنو سب مني و الطريج لا بعد شلة المخقه لو انهم اوادم صج جان اييون يواجهون لو لهم حق عليج
    اختي ترا تقدرين تشتكين عليهم

    • adre agdar ashteki 3alehm bs mo fathya o rabbi 7asibi!

      ana ketbt 3n wa7ed bayeg rsomat o shoghel wa7da o hathola yayeen edaf3on 3anna!

  21. Shaytuna


    shinu hal level!!

    wayed 3eib!!!

  22. This is shocking. It’s like if you block one person, another pops up… a never-ending cycle of sort.
    Best way is to ignore them,right?

  23. I Laughed & Laughed On How Low They Got ! The Part Where ” Ya Za*a ” made Me LAUGH More, ya3ni ana ma asib attitude / daloo3a xD

    who goes low like this -.- & who cares about the followers, Laish sawa chithi leana inchakaw 3an 5a6a’hom? or what exactly? Low Class = NONE Profitable to reply!

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