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I’ve Been Bombarded By Curses, Swears & Cusses! You Name It

Remember my post (& all bloggers’ posts) about the guy who stole F2oDesigns paintings & started selling them at KU Get2Gether Expo? His twitter account is @Saloomalm & i believe he has a partner I believe not sure!

Instead of saying sorry or admitting what he did was wrong (notice that he admitted on twitter taking the pictures from the net). He sent or (I don’t wanna make assumptions) his family & friends bombarded me this evening with the worst names & curses ever! Aaahhh you can’t imagine how shocked I was!

I was sitting watching TV & checking twitter & baaaaam many people came to my twitter account & started calling me names (you can check them with your won eyes, im not exaggerating) & yeah all of them are kids around 13 to 18 years old (from their profiles) el7mdellah wesheker!

This shows how low these people are & how wrong they are! They have nothing to do 6ab3an except call us names & curse!

Magol ella 7sby allah wan3m el wakeel o allah yntqm menkom.

P.S. To be honest I don’t about this Maitha if she belongs to the same gang or not but it all happened at the same time … coincidence much?

Now please enjoy reading what I’ve been called on twitter … this is a first 😉

e9ara7a y3ni madre shagoool! 3eni 3enek!

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Pretty Petals Nail Spa

I tend to try almost every nail spa that opens in the country. I love pampering myself & I also love trying new places. A couple of days ago I was in Jabriya & came across this fancy name (Pretty Petals Nail Spa) so I decided to give them a visit & took my aunt with me 🙂

The place was very relaxing & quiet. The staff were very friendly & helpful. The decoration was amazing, loved every corner of the spa. Even the mini kitchen was so cute.

My aunt & I chose the petal treatment. She went with Citrus & I chose Vanilla with Plum. Elma & Joy worked on both our hands & feet, they were very professional & they were asking us about every single detail. They wouldn’t do anything before letting us know in advance.

The prices were verrrry reasonable unlike other nail spas.

And if you want a foot massage, you have to let Elma do it for you, my god she was amazzzzzzing, she knew about the places that needed massage in my feet & worked on them very hard, it was kinda painful but very relaxing. Good thing my aunt was driving 😛

Pretty Petals Nail Spa is located in Jabriya block 1 next to Zero Degrees & The Dragon Japanese Restaurant.

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