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Kusu Island-Singapore

One of the amazing trip we took while visiting Singapore last year was a boat trip to Kusu Island (Turtle Island). It’s somehow near Indonesia, you can see with your own eyes some Indonesian Islands (small ones). The trip is around 1 hour, takes on a tour around Singapore a lil bit & after that your reach Kusu, where you’ll enjoy 1 hr going through the island! It’s very very small but very beautiful! Many people visit it to enjoy a swim in the sea, too bad we didnt know about that until we saw the people swimming! Maybe oneday 😛

It’s worth visiting …

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How To Remove Your Gelish Polish At Home

So after getting my nails gelished a couple of days ago,,,stupid me thought it will be easy to remove it just as any other nail polish! I was sooo wrong. The gelish wouldn’t get off my nails :/ I used polish remover, tried to scratch, used a knife but nothing worked!

God bless google, I went online & searched for some solutions & came over this site which talked about a long procedure somehow to remove the gelish. Anyways, this was the only solution I’ve found & had to do it because I wanted to pray & couldn’t do it with the gelish on my nails!

It felt as if my nails were being cooked wallah!

It actually worked, but the surface of my nails was ruined 😛

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