Change of Personality!

Because I’m currently jobless, & have nothing to do but to think & think ALOT!. I’ve realized recently that I’ve changed alot. As if it’s not me. I admit I went through a change of personality after my mom’s death where I started forgiving people & accepting the good & the bad in life, but still I’ve remained this active girl who won’t let anyone step over her toe & would open her mouth to the max to defend herself (I’m not helegeya, don’t get me wrong) ๐Ÿ˜› & I used to have a very short temper, I couldn’t control my anger at all.

Now, I came to realize that I became a very calm & I mean it, a very CALM lady (not with my family ofcourse). i’m being very patient, I can tolerate some ignorant people, and it seems that nothing can make me upset! Well not nothing at all y3ni, but really, Dumb, selfish, jealous & envious people don’t have that influence on me anymore! I’m more relaxed than ever. I’m always thankful to Allah for what I have even if it’s not that much, but to me el7mdellah, whatever I have is a blessing from Allah! I don’t swear at all now, except if I’m driving & there are stupid dumb people who are making me very nervous! Yes, the streets of Kuwait still have a great negative influence over my personality, this one I think will never ever change ๐Ÿ˜›

Sometimes I wonder what leads to these personality changes? To me it was Death & then Marriage! But I’m sure there are other factors that can lead to personality changes! To me, I find those changes were positive el7mdellah! But what other factors can lead to positive personality changes & what are the factors that can to lead to negative ones? Do we have to wait til they come knocking on our doors, wait & see what will happen to our personality? Or do we have to be aware of these factors so we can handle them in a better away & avoid negative personality changes!

Death & Marriage were sudden factors that lead to positive personality!

Have you experienced such thing before?

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8 thoughts on “Change of Personality!

  1. Growing up is the biggest personality changing factor. As we get older we start to feel tamer, we graduate school and get a job and assume some sort of responsibility. As you mature then and get married you assume more responsibility.

    With more responsibilities you start to have more patience and start to look at the world differently. You also accumulate a lot of wisdom of the years and know that getting angry over something trivial is not worth it in the long run. Having a healthy family, and home is all that matters and if something doesn’t touch those factors then it’s all good!

    • yes but unfortunately some people get younger in personality as they grow up! You think they’ll mature but you discover they become more childish which’s really unfortunate.

  2. i guess you can add divorce to this lool..
    i changed to the worse and im hating it,,,

    • I’ve heard that alot that divorce changes people to the worst! I really hope something good & pleasant will happen to you soon nshallah & get u back on track! & woman answer your LINE sms not Whatsapp!

  3. I dont that there is any certain factor that changes to the worse or better it is how you deal and endorse the things that changes you regardless of the situation. for example a person who faces a near death experience could change to a very religious person later on and another person would be reckless and think “you only live once” and decide to enjoy it to the fullest, while the rest dont change. So i truly think it is according to that certain person and his/hers faith.

    • you’re right but also some factors do contribute in changing one’s personality!

  4. HangingBYaThread

    Becoming “jobless” leads to frustration, and that’s surely one BIG factor in changing personalities. Just imagine how quickly your smile finds its way to the ultimate “hide-out”, when all jokes you hear or see are racing with your thoughts of “so how am i going to pay my kids school fees this year?!!!”. Not sure if this made sense, but I simply wish no-one feels what it is like to be a father of 3 (full of talents & education) yet jobless.

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