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Change of Personality!

Because I’m currently jobless, & have nothing to do but to think & think ALOT!. I’ve realized recently that I’ve changed alot. As if it’s not me. I admit I went through a change of personality after my mom’s death where I started forgiving people & accepting the good & the bad in life, but still I’ve remained this active girl who won’t let anyone step over her toe & would open her mouth to the max to defend herself (I’m not helegeya, don’t get me wrong) 😛 & I used to have a very short temper, I couldn’t control my anger at all.

Now, I came to realize that I became a very calm & I mean it, a very CALM lady (not with my family ofcourse). i’m being very patient, I can tolerate some ignorant people, and it seems that nothing can make me upset! Well not nothing at all y3ni, but really, Dumb, selfish, jealous & envious people don’t have that influence on me anymore! I’m more relaxed than ever. I’m always thankful to Allah for what I have even if it’s not that much, but to me el7mdellah, whatever I have is a blessing from Allah! I don’t swear at all now, except if I’m driving & there are stupid dumb people who are making me very nervous! Yes, the streets of Kuwait still have a great negative influence over my personality, this one I think will never ever change 😛

Sometimes I wonder what leads to these personality changes? To me it was Death & then Marriage! But I’m sure there are other factors that can lead to personality changes! To me, I find those changes were positive el7mdellah! But what other factors can lead to positive personality changes & what are the factors that can to lead to negative ones? Do we have to wait til they come knocking on our doors, wait & see what will happen to our personality? Or do we have to be aware of these factors so we can handle them in a better away & avoid negative personality changes!

Death & Marriage were sudden factors that lead to positive personality!

Have you experienced such thing before?

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