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مصيبة رادار مطار الكويت

Read more about it & watch the 2nd video on Eye Of Sky

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معرض مشرف الثالث

للملابس الجاهزة للعيد و الملابس الصيفية و الاكسسوارات

مشرف عنوان ق ٤ ش ٧ م ٤٦ يوم الخميس بتاريخ ٥/٣١ ولمدة ٣ ايام من الساعه ٥ مساءا حتي الساعه ١١ مساءا

حياكم الله
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Everybody Is Naming The Baby!!!!!!

What I really really … like REALLY hate about our society is that it interferes with your personal issues & it doesn’t have the right to at all. Like every stupid thing they interfere in.

I remember in my wedding, I was sitting on the right side & making a space on the left side for my husband to sit in when he comes. One of my grandma’s friends told my granny to make me sit on the left side because the husband is supposed to sit on the right it. My poor granny came & told me & I replied with an angry smile “go tell your friend to mind her own business, I’m sitting on this side & I’m not moving at all, he’s my husband not hers & I decided where he sits”. Just imagine, that old lady is interfering in where my husband is supposed to sit, shako?

Now, what I’m going through is something else! Every one in Kuwait is participating in the “Baby-Naming” event. it’s like a festival. I understand if my aunts & sister are participating, khala9 they’re part of me by default, but when it comes, to friends of the family? I wonder what gives them the right to? or is it that they just wanna share their own opinion? I didn’t ask for it! Even though it’s a harmless interference, y3ni I can listen from one ear & get it out from the other one, but seriously it’s irritating me.

Oh & there are few of Grandmother’s friends that I really can’t stand! I started my own warnings list & will provide it to my grandma before the baby pops out! I think i will also provide this warning list on my blog 😛

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Movie Review: M.I.B. 3

How can I truly express myself about this movie? HOW?

One of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen. It was a very bad idea to make a 3rd sequel. The 1st & the 2nd ones were just fine, we good actually, but this movie made me hate everything about Men In Black. What were they thinking about when they decided to make a 3rd part? make more money?

The plot was very ordinary, shallow & the action wasn’t convincing at all. The script was dull & boring, I bet there were parts you were supposed to laugh but I couldn’t. It was very silly, I’m telling you. 7addah s5eeeef :/

The characters were also shallow & nothing special about them. We know few things about K & J’s past but still it wasn’t enough to make the movie interesting. Tommy Lee Jones looked very old & expressionless, thank the lord he didn’t appear in alot of scenes.

The movie is a huge failure!

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NANOS Baby Clothing

When I was shopping in Discovery Mall, I came across this newly opened store called NANOS. I couldn’t resist not entering & taking pictures of the lovely & elegant clothes. The brand is from Spain. The store has boys & girls clothes, but mostly girls & it starts from 6months & above, I believe til 4 or 5 yrs but I’m not sure about that.

I loved the neutral colors of the girls dresses, the hats, beanies & mini panties (so cute). Wallah I wished that my baby will turn out to be a girl so I can buy her clothes from this store. Hell, I even thought of buying her eid clothes for next year if it turned out to be a girl (mo shayfa 😛 ).

The store is located in Discovery Mall.

Check the pictures;

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Breast-Feeding Lecture

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Book Review: Scandal In Spring

This book was kinda dull & boring, it shouldn’t have been written at all! The Wallflowers should have been 3 girls & the series should have ended with Devil in Winter because the 3rd book was amazing & it should have ended like that!

Now, it’s Daisy’s turn (Lillian’s sister) to search for a husband before her father arranges her marriage with Matthew Swift. Daisy suddenly falls in love with Matthew but she has to face his past that’s been hunting him forever.

The characters in this book are all the same except for Mr. Swift. That made the story dull. Although it gave me a laugh now & then, I didn’t laugh as much as I did when I read the 3 previous books. It felt as if this book was written just like that to finish the series. in the first 3 books, we were able to discover the real characteristics of Annabelle, Lillian & Evie, but in this book it felt that Daisy was shallow, there was nothing special about her at all!

Read it to finish the series, but you won’t enjoy it as much as the first 3 books!

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Post Pregnancy Look

That’s Victoria Beckham after giving birth to her lovely cute daughter Harper *sniff*

I dunno if I’ll be able to pull such a slender form after pregnancy but I’ll definitely try nshallah!

She followed the Five Hands Diet. When I read about it, I almost suffered from severe depression :/ But I guess that’s what you have to do to get a hot body. Even though she’s very thin, i still do love the look of her body, & her strong will. Yallah erzegna 😀

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Living With A Severe HeartBurn

One of the awful things pregnant women have to deal with is living with heartburn. It started in the beginning of the 3rd month, it was a very normal heartburn & it used to attack my body at night. But these days, late 4th month/early 5th month, the heartburn is constant. It starts the moment I drink my morning coffee til I have my night cold milk. Trust me, it doesn’t help, the cold milk, medicine, walking! NOTHING WORKS! Everyday, I feel exactly like the woman in the above picture. I swear it’s like fire coming out of my mouth. Only pregnant women can understand what Im talking about :/

Myths say that your baby is making/developing/having alot of hair. I say, how can you tell that? I mean the baby is living inside a bubble, how will his/her hair affect my heartburn? Ofcourse, the reasonable is explanation is that the baby is making alot of pressure as he/she is expanding/growing, therefore, my stomach is producing acid which is going up in my throat & burning me :S

I dunno what will happen in the upcoming months, I believe it will get worse!

9ij le galaw, eljanna ta7t aqdam el omahat! hatha ba3da ma6ala3 o chethy en3ani!

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Movies To Watch

This is a must watch for me now, it’s already out & I’m downloading it 😀

Even though i’m hating the idea of Kristen Stewart being snow white, I believe the movie is worth watching!

Now this looks interesting!

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Book Review: The Devil In Winter

So far, this is the best book I’ve read in the Wallflowers series (1 book left). The story was just different from the first 2 novels. The first one was genuine, the 2nd one followed the same rhythm of the 1st novel but with a different style. This 3rd book was totally different in story, style & plot.

Evie, the shy girl who stutters, makes a marriage proposal to the devil himself Sebastian St. Vincent, who was the villain in the 2nd book. In the 3rd book he becomes the hero & my oh my! What a hero. I’d fall for him even if he was Satan himself. The way he talks, the way he treats Evie & the way he loves (qatel).

From the 2nd book you end up hating Sebastian, but in the 3rd book you totally fall in love with him & you see & witness how his personality changes when he starts falling in love with Evie. The man who broke the hearts of many women, is now making a vow to love only one.

The characters are somehow different, we get introduced to new ones. The plot is different, the marriage starts from the beginning, not at the end. Changes in personalities & attitude. A very powerful story. Totally loved it ❤

The book was very very easy to read, finished it just in one day 😀

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جمعة مباركة

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