Arab Street-Singapore

Arab Street is one of the most famous streets in Singapore where you can enjoy shopping from cheap stores, walking between colorful buildings, eating from delicious restaurants & you can also get inside the huge mosque & have a tour inside it.

My dad being a little bit religious, he wanted to pray Friday prayer inside the mosque, & he forced us to get inside with him (women’s section) šŸ˜› I tell you, it’s the weirdest prayer I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a normal Friday prayer with a speech & everything, but they have this ritual where they say something (I forgot what it was) 100 times. I got irritated after a while because this prayer wouldn’t end. But thankfully it did, & I told Dad I’m not going to any Friday prayer in a strange country šŸ˜›

After that, we enjoyed checking the mini stores which were closed before the prayer & opened afterwards. & We had lunch in a lovely place sitting outside while it was raining. beautiful atmosphere.

Loved this place alot, it was very clean & lovely. Went to it twice when we stayed there!

I’lle leave you with the pictures;

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3 thoughts on “Arab Street-Singapore

  1. lol 100 times of what please try to remember ?

    • I swear I totally forgot šŸ˜› I’ll ask my father or sister they might remember what they were saying šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks a lot sis šŸ™‚

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