Pretty Little things Charity Expo

Photo taken by Jacqui

Yesterday, I was invited by the lovely lady Nouf Hussain to attend Pretty Little Things charity expo which is being held at Bait Al Sadu. I love that place, it’s very traditional & cozy. And it wasn’t that crowded like what you see in big expos, this one was very quiet & serene. Loved it.

What made it so special is the GCC brands that are participating in it, such as; Sotra, Fyonka etc. And also the fact that it has a very nice goal which is to renovate the orphanage. Last date May 1st 2012.

Give  them a visit

Paper Design

Pieces by Farah

The Yard

Forgot the name 😛

Th’haba (Always my fav)

Will use it wisely 😀

Baby B (where I spent most of my time) 😛

cute stuff 😛

May Jewelry

Camilia Perfumes-KSA

Lina Jewelry-Lebanon


Muneera Alsharhan

Seating area

I couldn’t resist 😛

Lemonada 😀

complimentary tea

Aren’t they cute? 😉

Thank You PLT For a Lovely Afternoon

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6 thoughts on “Pretty Little things Charity Expo

  1. Thank you for coming Swera, but I didn’t even see you! 😦 Come back! Beautiful images, glad you enjoyed! 🙂

    • I kept asking about you but you were no where to be seen 😦

      You’re most welcome dear & thank you for the invitation 🙂

  2. A fabulous review. I would not be able to top this so may I link your review thro for my readers to enjoy also? Thanks.

  3. I agree this is an awesome coverage of the expo! 😀

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