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Book Review: Sins Of The House Of Borgia

This book is a total crap! Excuse my language my I’m really frustrated as the title was misleading in every aspect. The book is an imaginary story of real historical figures. If you’re familiar with The Borgia family then you’ll know they had lots & lots of sins, but this book only talked about the sins of Cesare & not all of them, if they’re considered sins compared to what he has done in his real life.

The story didn’t have a plot, no beginning no ending! i felt it was an open book that will never ever have an ending! It’s like swimming in a huge sea having no where to go. That’s how I felt while reading this book! You keep on reading, reading, reading & you feel you’ve accomplished a little for there were alot of un-neccessary details that did no good to the whole story.

I wish I never bought this book!

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