Zee Brgr New Menu Experience

Last year, I went to try the newly opened Contemporary Restaurant Zee Brgr & I liked the place & the food very much, I wrote about them on December 2011 (Click Here) but their menu was kinda limited. Now that they’re almost 6 months old, they’ve expanded their dishes, so I’ve received an invitation from Mr. Joe to try the new additions.

I loved their new creations & mixes. Alot of varieties & you can choose whatever you want from Makis, Burgers, Steaks, Fries, Starters & Salads. Also their dessert has a delicious new addition which I’ll talk about with its pictures!

I have to say that this kind of restaurant is not for everybody, some will like it,some will not! My husband is a picky eater & rarely he likes the restaurants I take him to, but he really enjoyed his time & loved the food!

Zee Brgr is Located in Palms Beach Hotel & Resort.

Now, let’s have a look at what we ate 😉

The outside area

The inside

Crispy Salad

Ingredients: Rocket, Iceberg, Cucumber, Carrot, Pink Pepper, Avocado, Crispy Harusame, Sweet Potato, Cassava, Beetroot, Crabsticks, Wasabo & Yuzu Flakes with Zee Brgr Special Sauce.

Verdict: Loved it, very delicious & spicy. The sauce was tasty.

Carpaccio Bruschetta

Ingredients: Home-Made Carpaccio on Zee Brgr special Garlic Brea with cherry Tomato & Rocket. Marinated with Zee Brgr Special Balsamic Mixture, & topped with Parmesan Cheese.

Verdict: Oooooohhhhh their balsamic mixture was awesome. It made it very special & i enjoyed its taste in my mouth!

Lobster Bites

Ingredients: Lobster & Crabstick Mixture with Zee Brgr special Spicy Coconut & Tumeric Sauce served with Bacon & Potato Cake:

Verdict: I’ve never tried Lobster with Crab before, but the combination was awesome! Highly recommended. If you love seafood then you’ll enjoy this dish to the max 😉

Zee Mushroom Fries

Ingredients: Marinated Fries with Zee Brgr Special Spicy Sauce & Roasted Jalapeno with their home-made Mushroom & Thousand Islands Sauce.

Verdict: *sigh* just watching the photo again makes my stomach ache. I’m craving it right now. It was soooo delicious & the sauce was a HIT! The fries also tasted very veryyyy good!

Foie Gras Brgr

Ingredients: Home-made beef patty with Brie Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Zee Brgr Special Sweet Pimento Sauce, topped with Foie Gras & braised with their Special Teriyaki Mixture.

Verdict: hhhmmm this was my husband’s dish & he liked it very much that he even ate my half but to be honest, I didn’t like it that much.

Fish ‘N Chips Brgr

Ingredients: Home-made breaded White Fish with Thousand Island Sauce, topped with Tomato, Onion, Iceberg, & Potato Chips served with Zee Brgr Special Brioche Bun.

Verdict: I LOVED IT, LOVED IT LOVED IT! My husband didn’t like it that much but I did & I enjoyed every bite. The fish & potato chips were really tasty.

Angus Foie Gras Steak

Ingredients: Marinated Fillet Mignon Angus Steak with Their Special Teriyaki Sauce served with Foie Gras (180gms).

Verdict: I’ve heard rumors about this steak being very very delicious but seriously & I didn’t imagine it would be THAT delicious. I ordered well-done because I can;t eat anything raw & still it was verrryyyyy juicy & delicious. It just melts inside your mouth. Enjoyed every bite. Warning: Highly Dangerous 😛

Popcorn Pain Perdu

(The Bomb Of The New Menu)

Ingredients: Brioche Bread, Milk Toast, Caramelized Butter, Scottish Apple Sauce, served with Caramel Pop Corn & Vanilla Ice Cream

Verdict: What can I say? Seriously, nothing I can write in here will explain & or make you understand how insanely this dish is delicious *drooling*. It was the best dessert I’ve ever tasted (Along with Open Flame Kitchen’s Red Velvet Cake). We finished it all & I was about to lick what’s left on the dish *kidding* 😛 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. you have to end your meal with this dish or just go there & try it with a cup of coffee!

Can’t have my dessert without a cup of coffee 😉

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13 thoughts on “Zee Brgr New Menu Experience

  1. Diabolo

    I give them 4 months before they go out of business. This place is cursed.

  2. 7amood

    3laikom bil 3afya… can you end your reviews with an ‘out of 10 rating’ for price, atmosphere and food?

    thanks 🙂

  3. M

    Wow the dishes are wonderful, will try it very soon.

  4. 3laikum Bil3afyah 🙂 The place looks quite interesting! Great mouth-watering pics like always 😉

    • Allah y3afeeech :*

      wallah it’s a very nice place with wonderful food 😀 u hv to try it 😉

  5. YM965

    I keep hearing the name of this restaurant, but never knew where it was. Great Review!

  6. Haven’t tried it before but if you say that the steak was well worth it then I’ll definitely try it out soon.. The Mushroom fries got me drooling as well hehe 😛 Bl 3afya and thanks for the lovely review.

    • I tell you it’s very juicy & yummmy & oh yeah the Mushroom fries ya weeel 7ali 😛

      allah y3afeech :*

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