Zain Trip To Alhamra Tower

Remember school trips when we used to ride un-air conditioned buses but still we had fun? Zain made us remember those good old days but with a fine air conditioned bus😛

The aim behind this trip is to introduce us to their new branch which will open soon nshallah in Alhamra Tower. It’s supposed to be a luxury branch where you’ll see new screens that are not available in Kuwait & other new facilities will be available at this branch & will be added to the other branches.

We left Zain Head Office around 2:30pm with Mr. Mohmd Almuhaini being our Tour Guide, accompanied by a DJ inside the bus. The first song was “drewelna 3ash 3ash” lol😛 That was a good start😉

Then they distributed snack boxes which turned out to be very useful after the long tour inside the tour in this hot weather.

Now, let’s have a tour inside Alhamra Tower & introduce you to Zain’s new luxury branch😉

Leaving the head office

Our bus

Our tour guide Mr. Mhmd Almuhaini:)

Zain’s snack box

Yumminesssss inside the box😀

I couldn’t resist😛

Alhamra Tower entrance

Zain’s Luxury branch

Mr. Alsharhan explaining what the new technologies will be available at this branch

waiting area

Alhamra rooftop

I see kuwait


Where are we going???

Beautiful Kuwait❤

our fellow bloggers busy taking pictures😛

Zain’s trip kit

The Aftermath😛

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12 thoughts on “Zain Trip To Alhamra Tower

  1. Miss Good Egg

    looks like u had a lot of fun. i dont think i wud have gone up the tower even if they paid me hehe

  2. It was insanely awesome and I’m glad I got a chance to share it with you and the other awesome people😀

    Hoping to have more wild adventures like this one!😛

    • yesss that was an awesome idea to take us all in a school trip😉

      had lots of fun with you too babe :*

  3. Mo_Coffee_Plz

    Wow, that place is impressive! What do they do there? You said it’s a new branch, is it a bank? 😳

    • Zain is a telecommunication company & Alhamra Tower is considered a luxury tower where it will have luxury mall with top brands, luxury spa & restaurants:)

  4. Nice trip , Waiting to see the pictures you got from this spot:)

    • I only took these pictures *Rolls eyes*

      others weren’t their good, their angles were kinda bad & it was very hot to stay up there trying to get the best angle :S

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