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Singapore Fine Dining: Yu Cuisine

A couple of days ago I remembered that I haven’t posted everything about my trip to Singapore last year! So I’ll be occupied the next days posting about lovely Singapore 🙂

The restaurant serves fine Chinese food, & Yu means Fish 🙂 The food there is heavenly delicious! We didn’t want to leave but we were full & there was no place for more food!

I remember my sister ordering a huge dish “prawn with rice” & the manager insisted that we all share this dish. My sister got pissed off & told her “This is my dish & i’m going to eat it alone” LOL. The manager couldn’t believe that. When we finished eating, she came back & checked my sister’s dish “Ooooh you finished it all” she was really shocked, my sister just stared at her. The thing is it was 5pm & we were really hungry & what they don’t understand is that Arabs eat ALOT of food, unlike their tiny portions 😛

It was a very nice experience, if you’re heading to Singapore anytime soon, make sure to pass by Yu Restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands Mall.

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