Book Review: Steve Jobs

One of the greatest books I’ve ever read. It shows you how one person’s character transforms from being mean & harsh on people to a little bit soft but harsh in a good way. That was Steve Jobs’ character.

You start the booking hating Jobs alot. I was thinking what an awful man he was? but then you start to appreciate his character by knowing what a great mind he had & how he helped change the world of technology. How he managed to pull through & rise again even after Apple fired him. How he created Pixar & how much he loved it. & finally, how he managed to pull back Apple & put it on top.

At the end, your heart will start to ache while reading what he went through; operations, treatments, pain & more because of his illness (cancer). You end up loving his character.

While reading this book, you’ll notice that he had personality disorder, or that what I thought. You get to know that he used to shower once a week & that people used to complain from his smell, yet he used to get awfully mad when he used to see dust in the Apple factories. Crazy man he was.

You get to know how he was with his family! How he was close to his son & distant from his daughters. But what will break your heart is knowing the reason behind him wanting to write this book. I’ll leave that to you incase you’re planning to read the book which I highly recommend.

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8 thoughts on “Book Review: Steve Jobs

  1. I also read the book on Steve Jobs. My first impression of him ,was that he was an egotistical, immuture,cry-baby who could not accept responsability for his own actions. It took most of the book for me to realize that, he was a genius at taking different ideas, putting them togather, to make some fantastic products. We wouldn’t have the imachines without him. Some people march to a different drum, and he was sure one of them.

  2. 7ayate hal Steve always misunderstood but in the end at least you understand how much of a visionary he was. And it was said before the book even came out that the reason he contact Walter Isaacson to write the book is to let his children understand why Daddy was always at work and not spending time with them. It’s his way of leaving a piece of him for them.

    Allah yer7ama o more really :s

    • Okay, I kept that hidden coz i didnt want to hv spoilers in my review 😛

      i loved him after finishing this book!

  3. Have anyone seen this :

    Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)
    starring Noah Wyle

    also the upcoming movie ; Jobs (2013)
    The upcoming biopic starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs will cover the Apple co-founder’s early years, the film’s producer said in an interview.

    I rather watch movies than reading books lol , Thanks for the review 🙂

    • hhhmmm I knew about the Ashton one but never heard of the other one! & who said watching a movie is better than reading a book? I totally disagree with you, books are more richer with words, information & descriptions! Just read a book first & watch the movie afterwards! you’ll notice that they’ve butchered half of the book 🙂

      • who said watching a movie is better than reading a book?

        I did 🙂

        “I rather watch movies than reading books lol”

        I totally agree with you, books are more richer
        and I understand that if you read a book first
        you may not like it as a movie movie . But the other way around if you
        watch a movie and you didn’t like it you might like the book when you read it !!

        Lots of historical things and persons I like to know more about by watching
        movies or tv programs , Its much easier and in entertainment way you end
        up knowing so much about it , Also there are no time to read !!

      • lol i knew you did 🙂

        well yeah i do agree with you on the historical stories & figures! they’re just too many & very long! it’s better to watch movies than read books in that case!

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