Bloggers’ Picnic

A couple of days ago sweet Alnoury was kind enough to ask me to join them in an afternoon picnic. Arrived there around 5:30 pm after googling the whole are for the spot they were sitting in 😛 Finally I reached them, who can miss pink balloons 😛

PinkGirlQ8The Triple F, & Abla Noura were also there. The weather was amazing, I really didn’t wanna leave the place. It was perfect for a nap if it wasn’t that public 😉

We enjoyed eating food as usual 😛 The Triple F’s Arabic Coffee, Alnoury’s Karak & many more! Then later on we put some music & enjoyed singing a lil bit 😛 (fothee7a a9watna) 😛

Had lots of fun with you girls :*

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14 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Picnic

  1. Miss Good Egg

    The food looks yummy mashalla. 3alaikom bil3afia :*

  2. BlackTulip

    خووووش يمعة ما شاء الله ..
    الله يديم المحبة 🙂
    Where is my share of the Red Velvet 😛

  3. 3waafeeee .. nice gathering

  4. SiLeNTGRL

    عليييكم بالف عافيه وعسى دوم هالجمعه الحلوه يارب

  5. Looks gorgeous and I hope you had an insane fun time 😀

  6. A new unique post as always by swera! and the gang..
    sounds like a fun picnic 😉

  7. looks fun! bil3afiaaa :**

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