Coffeelicious Experience

During my visit to Wataniya Give Kuwait Expo in Mishref Fairgrounds! I came across this booth & I couldn’t resist looking at the lovely colors & what’s inside those containers! It spelled COFFEE 😀 So i had to stop & ask about their goods.

They do their own coffee mix; 4 kinds (Strong Coffee, Light Coffee, Mocha, & Hazelnut Coffee). I tasted one of them (cant remember which one) & it was very delicious, the owner informed me that they added a lil bit of caramel which gave it a lil bit of sweetness!

Price: KD 3.750 per jar!

I got myself the strong coffee jar & mocha for my husband, he’s a mocha addict! Let’s see how it turned out to be

The 4 kinds of coffee

Loving the jars

This is the mocha

You add 2 tbsp to 250 ml of milk & you stir

voila, Husband said it was good! He loved it!

The strong coffee

You add 1 tbsp to 250 ml of milk & you stir! It was good but not that strong! It was very light but oh well, i think it’s good for my case these days 😛 I liked it 🙂

In case you want to order 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Coffeelicious Experience

  1. 3alaikom bl 3afya glad u enjoyed it 😀

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