Hair For Hope-Emirati Project

Isn’t that the bravest thing or what?

I came across this photo on Facebook. Young Olivia cut her hair to donate it to a chemotherapy patient so she can feel beautiful again.

Hair For Hope

“Volunteer in Dubai launched the Hair for Hope Project, which aims to encourage women to cut off and donate their hair to organizations that make wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair whilst undergoing their chemotherapy treatment in, October 2011.
Hair loss is one of the most emotionally devastating side effects of chemotherapy for women and more so for little girls 😦 Chemotherapy can affect the hair on your head, face, in fact hair on any part of the body, including eyelashes and eyebrows, also. “

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9 thoughts on “Hair For Hope-Emirati Project

  1. Aww isn’t she absolutely adorable for being so helpful to other kids! And she looks even more gorgeous with that short hair!

    I wish we had that in Kuwait then we could do the same!

    • she is, so cute mshallah 🙂

      yeah i would love to see something like this in here!

    • Fathma

      Me too… I’m growing my hair out for the donation. and i just found out we dnt have these around here

  2. شكلها طلع أحلى بالشعر القصير
    مره أحلى

  3. God bless her! That’s the cutest thing ever.
    I don’t know about other patients but I’ll tell u, losing my hair broke my heart more than knowing I had cancer. Everytime I saw my reflection I died every single time, waking up and seeing ur hair on the pillow rips you to pieces. Till this day when I remember going bald or seeing pictures I cry. People don’t understand it, they think it’s just hair, it’s not, certainly not for a woman. It’s about the femininity and identity and cancer strips u from those.

    This is one the best projects I’ve heard about, I wish they adapt it all over the world and especially in Kuwait, as there is a lack of understanding and emotional support when it comes to cancer patients.

    Allah yshafy kil mareeth.

    • that’s why i think what she did is very brave! I myself can’t imagine cutting my hair but just look at her smiling before & after!

      Allah y3een kel el martha who are undergoing chemotherapy & going through this phase! Allah yshafeehom kelehom ya rb o y3eenhom!

      o nshallah matshofeeen reg3eta moleya ya rb :*

  4. God bless her soul ='(

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