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I Wish You All Joy & Happiness

It needs alot of effort & hard work to reach such point in your life! Where you become happy & content of what you have. Where you give more & expect less. Where you say Thank You Allah (el7mdellah) for what you have & for what you’re gonna get in the future. For feeling happiness & joy almost all the time (i’d be lying if I said all the time). For believing in the good of your society & country. Bless you Kuwait :*

Many people are telling me that “you’re still young” or “you haven’t seen it all”! Well I’ll tell you what? Losing my mother was the part that “I’ve seen it all”. i’ve hit rock bottom as many of you have read a couple of years ago. I totally lost hope in everything! But then suddenly, I smiled & felt that I’m happy with what I have. After that i got married. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but Allah blessed me with a good man (not gonna say great because no one is 😛 ). And i was very happy, over the moon happy! But then, Allah took something from me, I became very depressed & sad all the time! It has nothing to do with my marriage life! It was something personal. After that, I got over it. Said to myself “I’m gonna live the way I’m supposed to live & enjoy my life, enjoy what I have even if it’s not that much”. & Guess what? I became happy & content again 🙂

I’ll tell you a story that happened to me a couple of days ago. As you know that my car’s ABS system has to be changed. Guess what? It costs KD 600. i was like “it’s not even a luxurious car” so it’s totally not worth it. I’m jobless,& i’ll be having a huge event soon! Baby Reception, souvenirs, cover sheets, my own gown/darra3a for the reception! All that will cost ALOT for oneday but I’m happy about it! It’s totally worth it! Anyways, so i have many expenses on my shoulder; my car & my reception. I thought I’m being strangled but i kept thanking Allah (o astaghfer all the time). Guess what happens? Social Security calls me (ta2meenat) & they want me to go & visit one of their branches! aha aha aha, I don’t need more people cutting money from me! They already took from me over KD 3000 last year, I can’t handle such amount this year. I prayed & said that I’m content with what I have & what will happen will be for the best. I went there & taraaaaaa ta2meenat wants to give me money (smth from my mom’s salary allah yer7amha) Isn’t life amazing 😀 I started breathing again!

Life is beautiful & Allah is there if you can only connect with him, you’ll feel the love & generosity coming your way in no time.

Yesterday, I was inspired to do something that i’ve been wanting to do my whole life. I said to myself “even if I fail, at least I tried”. Dad & husband are supporting me! Friends are willing to help! What more can I ask for?

I can feel the doors opening for me 🙂

Therefore, I’m writing this post to lift you up if you’re down. To give you hope if you’ve lost it. To make you feel content if you want more & can’t get it.

I wish you all, one by one; all the happiness in the world! No matter what you’re going through in this life; make sure that it’s only temporary & it will fade in no time! Something good will happen to you! Just start to believe! Give more & don’t wait to receive! Take a look at the suffering in the world, see what you have & what they don’t have! We’re blessed to live in a country like Kuwait. I wish that everyone will find peace inside themselves. Spread the love, happiness & joy! Don’t just keep it for yourself! Some people need it!

I love you all … & to those who don’t love me! Well, I’ll try to love you but I can’t promise i’ll be able to do it 😛

This post was inspired by the chitto chat i had with Samah Queslati.

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