Visiting Violet Concept Store

I gotta thank Noon for taking me with her today to the soft opening Violet Concept Store located at Sanabel Tower (Behind Amiri Hospital). The name of the tower is kinda funny, i dunno why I giggle every time I pronounce it SA NA BEL 😛

Anyways, back to the main subject! As we entered the store, one of the owners (2 owners; 1 French & 1 Kuwaiti) Samah Queslati who’s half French & half Tunisian welcomed us & introduced us to the store & what’s the concept behind it. You can design whatever you want with your own choice of leather without anyone copying you or wearing the same thing that you’re wearing, ex: wallets, watch straps, phone covers, bracelets) & soon other items will be included.

Let’s say you have a Cartier watch & you want to have another leather strap with your own favorite color! Well, your dreams will come true for they have the leather straps manufactured in France that can fit almost all brands, ain’t that awesome.

If you’re lost & don’t have a clue on what to get your friend/family for a birthday or special event, well guess what? Once you enter that store you’ll get inspired! & I’m sure the lovely Samah will help you pick the right item!

Samah, what can I say about her! The sweetest lady i’ve ever met! Really, I’m not lying! She’s so so sweet & very inspiring! You just feel relaxed while talking to her! Turned out to be she’s a life coach, daaaah! 😛 You can feel the love surrounding her & how she can spread it to the ones infront of her just by talking with them! I still have good vibes & energy 🙂

Abdullah (forgot his family name) is her partner. He’s a very nice guy who introduced us to the glasses of Dulce Gusto! Oh yeah they have one at the store & they also have flavors that are not available in Kuwait! They love the machine! I believe they had it even before it hit Kuwait.

One more thing! Samah wrote a book about why she chose to live in Kuwait instead of Paris. %10 of the profits coming from selling her book goes to the orphanage in Suleibekhat.  I go me a copy & will review it as soon as possible nshallah!

Violet Concept Twitter Account: @Violet_concept

Samah Queslati Twitter Account: @Dare2BeHer

Now let’s take a tour around the store! Shall we?

Violet is there

The entrance

all hand-made

you can create your own wallet with your favorite color … genuine alligator leather! Oh & you can engrave any name inside the wallet!

The colorful leather straps which you can choose for any watch that you wish to revamp it or make it unique.

the variety of leathers & colors available at the store!

Allaaaaah … real alligators are available at the store! Do you know that they can only make 3 watch straps from one alligator? That’s why it’s kinda expensive!

Leather bracelets

They also sell Wolf Designs products (Jewelry boxes)

I’m loving the spring/summer colors

Watch Boxes … I believe they’re very useful for watch collectors!

Do you know what are these? Yalla guess …

Watch Winders … They keep your watch in movement so they don’t stop! I remember my mom’s Cartier used to stop everytime she wears it off & she has to manually do it to make it start working again!

Look at thaaaat? Dulce Gusto Nesquik flavor …. i tried it & it was soooo Nesquiky 😉

Chocolate … Chocolate … Chocolate

Dulce Gusto glasses … yes they do exist! It turned out that Nescafe made special glasses for Dulce Gusto! They’re not available in Kuwait yet!

Samah’s book is available at the store!

A new jewelry line is coming all the way from UK within 2 weeks nshallah!

Violet Concept perfume in cooperation with Ne’ma Perfumes! Very beautiful! You can smell it once you enter the store! Thank You Samah & Abdullah! Wishing you the best 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Visiting Violet Concept Store

  1. I love customized stuff!! I must pass by soon 😀

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have been looking everywhere for a Jewllery box and these look amazing! Loving those colours! Do they have watch boxes for ladies- would love a matching watch box and jewellery box.

  3. Madri wain ra7 my comment ;p anyroad, Great review! 3ad ana gharami customized things! I remember I had the same concept as my senior year project, I’m thrilled to see that they executed it well! 🙂 Allah ywafig’hum (I’m glad its not a food concept, hatha wana foodie ;p)

    • lol it’s there! the 1st one, i can see it 🙂

      yes im glad it’s not about food! we hv enough restaurants in the country! we need smth new 😀

  4. Thanks for this great post on our store ! We loved the pics and the comments too 🙂 All the best to @crazyyetwise !!!

  5. Awesome post and pictures and it sure looks like fun too! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and next time take me with you 😛

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