I Miss: High Heels

*Sigh* One of the things you have to give up while getting yourself ready for being a mom is “High Heels” :S

Yes, I do miss wearing them because as I’m developing, it seems very hard/difficult to wear them! I had to wear one for a wedding last month & when I came back home, i felt my back being ripped apart & i knew that it’s time to let go of them even if it’s a “social event”. I either ditch these events or just go wearing flats which will be a very horrible thing!

I can’t understand how celebrities do it!? Their bump would be walking ahead of them & you’d see them wearing horrific high heels! Like real high heels, not the regular normal ones we wear!

Anyways, guess this is life & we are no celebrities! I’m doomed & i’ll be walking kissing the ground for approx 6 months! Hallelujah 😀

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12 thoughts on “I Miss: High Heels

  1. I know how you feel, you say 6 months, allah ysahel 3alaich.

    its been almost a year since my injury, i just started wearing heels but not this close to comfortable in them. I miss them since I have some i haven’t even worn once.

    Yeah life is tough i guess 🙂

    PS: loved your blog

    • aawww im so sorry to hear about ur accident dear! u’ll get used to them again 🙂

      Glad that you liked, feel as if it’s ur home 😉

  2. Yalla hanat it’s only a few months and you’ll be back to your heels but I understand your dilemma. If I wear jeans it’s okay I would wear sandals or flip flops but if I’m in a skirt or suit then I have to wear heels and no matter how painful it is I endure it simply because it makes the whole outfit much better 😛

    • yeah, so imagine wearing flats with a dress,,,,aaaahhhh it looks horrible smtimes 😦

  3. min gal victoria beckham kanat labsa 15 cm heals while she was pregnant and she got 2 beautiful kids .. or 3 😛

  4. btw i can never comment with 7ajidude’s email on ur blog madri laish ! 😦

    • hhhmmm shofay sm people also told me smth about not being able to comment! I think wordpress did smth but i dunno what exactly :S!

  5. Miss Good Egg

    I dont’ think it’s worth taking the risk. Your baby comes first :] You’ll wear them eventually enshalla :*

  6. i dont miss high heels 😛 im a flat shoe kinda girl 😛 comfier

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