Book Review: The Gift

Cecelia Ahern does it again! As always, she makes you live a fairytale, a story full of hope, love & warmth! Even when you’re going down feeling empty or despair just read a novel written by Cecelia & your spirit will be lifted immediately!

It’s the story about a very busy business man (Lou) who’s main concern is to make deals with clients, get a promotion, salary increment, a bigger office forgetting the other important lives in his life! His family: wife, kids, siblings, & his own parents because of his work!

Comes in Gabe (I believe he was an angel in the novel) & gives Lou the gift of time to settle things down & have more time with his family!

The plot was nicely written! The climax almost made me cry! Cecelia knows how to touch that soft spot in you 😦 Characters were well described & characterized! Each one of them had their own role to play the novel, no one was un necessary!

Moral gain from this novel: Money can be gained over & over again, but time Can’t!

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: The Gift

  1. Reblogged this on heartstory94.

  2. Oh I have managed to read all of Cecelia Ahern books, except for this one !
    I don’t know why but I think cause everything else besides PS. I love you sucks it really gave me the impression that Cecelia is one story author which sparked her success but I think I might give her another shot !

    • I read 4 of her books, one i didn’t like at all but the others were good! I dunno but her style in writing just gives me more hope & lifts my spirit somehow πŸ™‚

  3. fionkafied

    I love her writings. I’ll definitely check it out xx

  4. I’ve had this book stored in the back of my bookcase for months!
    Finally inspired to read it!

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