A Mother To Be :)

Gotta start with thanking Allah for his blessings & everything he has given me after he took away my dearest mother! Can’t say life became better but I’m surely finding alot of happiness day after day. El7mdellah!

I’m so happy to share this news with you my dearest readers! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I was 20 yrs old or maybe even younger. I love kids alot & can’t wait for the moment to have my own, touch him/her, carry him/her, raise & play with him/her & even get mad at him/her!

I will surely follow my mother’s path! I will follow how she raised me to raise my own kids, to be successful, respect others, have respectful attitude & reputation! I will want my kid to be the best in the whole world, every mother does 🙂

Am I ready for this experience? Nop, no one is ready for that, it comes to you naturally I guess! Yes, I’m worried about sleepless nights, post-birth depression, weight-loss & other things but hey this is life & many people went through it & i will nshallah 😀

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26 thoughts on “A Mother To Be :)

  1. Congrats love o allah egawmech bl salama enshalla 😀 Can’t wait for my soon-to-be godchild ;P Akeed ana the Godmother ma yabeela ba3ad! 😛 Unfortunately I’m not a fairy so can’t make their wish for a ferrari to come true yet 😛

    • 3yal whats ur use ballah?! hehe 😛

      akeeed my love ❤ he/she is ur godchild 😀

      • HEY!!! WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE.. why cant we fight over this position?? why its her by defult??? not fair!!!!

        Alf mabrook 7abibity, titraba fi 3izik inshallah…

        p.s if you call her after me, i forgive jac to be her godmother :p

      • LOOOL 😀

        now how did u assume it’s a girl? still too soon to know 😉

        elfal lech ya rb :***

  2. Congratulations ❤

  3. Sarah

    Congrats sweety!! I’m also pregnant and due soon. Freaking out already.

    • mashallah! congratulations my dear!

      when i heard about the news i freaked out & thought about the due date :S

      allah ygawmech besalama! :*

  4. Awwwwww!! that’s great!
    Congrats babe Allah Ysahel 3laich w ygwmech bslama

  5. aww mabroook!! ❤

  6. mashallaa most of my old friends are getting pregnant this year , mabrook 3leech, take a good care of yourself dear always ^_^

    • lol u’re gonna be a godmother to many babies 😛 mashallah. allah ybark feeech dear :*

  7. SiLeNTGRL

    الله يتمم عليييج يارب ويهون عليييج حمله وولادته
    عسى ربي يجعله من أطفال السعاده
    الف الف مبرووووووووووووووووووووووووووووك

  8. Congratulation dear :* alaah ytamem 3aleech o ys3dich enshalah

  9. Umghanim

    Alf Mabrook. Download the app of the book on your iphone or ipad if you have one. Its great and the forum for your birth month will be really useful for advice during your pregnancy and the first year too. Lots of advice and support. Allah ytamem 3aleech inshalla

    • Allah ybarek feech 🙂

      I just knew enna fi application! i’ll download it right away! thnx for ur help :*

  10. sheikha

    Congratulations, you are a lovely person Sara, your inner goodness radiates through your posts and you will be a great mother. I urge you to read as much as you can about breastfeeding because this is the best thing you can offer your child and to take the right milk inducing nutrients in the last trimerster.

    • Thank you sweet Sheikha, I’m really glad that people can see a bit of my personality through my blog 🙂

      Definitely nshallah i’ll be breast-feeding! I’ll try my best to give my baby the best o allah ygaderni nshallah!

  11. Afnan_ab

    I’ve been following u for the last few months through twitter nd lately on instagram
    congratulation on the news 🙂 im expecting too nd due August. im getting really emotional lately ( well pregnancy hormones!! ) nd almost cried on ur post nd ur mother loss, i lost my first child year ago nd it was hard , but im pregnant now nd just started feeling the baby’s kickings nd movements ; its such a wonderful experience.
    el7amdilla im having a really easy pregnancy still not giving up heels 😉
    well looking at ur instagram ,watch out for ur appetite gurrrrl 🙂
    wish u a happy journey ;**

    • hahaha dont get me started! ana knt abchi etha sheft 6er besema, wella aba6el edereesha o elhawa el 3aleel e6eg eb wayhi o ana abchiii (mo 9a7ya)! bs now it stopped! everything is normal now except for the food craving! 😛 im hving an easy pregnancy too 😉

      allah 3awath 3alenna ya rb o el7mdella ana warach eb shahreen olad 🙂

      best of luck sweetie o allah ysahel 3alech o tgomeen besalama :*

  12. Up High Lullaby

    Mashallah mabrook i’m soo glad to hear that 🙂

    inshallah allah etamem 3alach eb5air we far7ech bedenya wo eba5ra 🙂

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