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True Blood Season 5

June 10th 2012

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Book Review: The Gift

Cecelia Ahern does it again! As always, she makes you live a fairytale, a story full of hope, love & warmth! Even when you’re going down feeling empty or despair just read a novel written by Cecelia & your spirit will be lifted immediately!

It’s the story about a very busy business man (Lou) who’s main concern is to make deals with clients, get a promotion, salary increment, a bigger office forgetting the other important lives in his life! His family: wife, kids, siblings, & his own parents because of his work!

Comes in Gabe (I believe he was an angel in the novel) & gives Lou the gift of time to settle things down & have more time with his family!

The plot was nicely written! The climax almost made me cry! Cecelia knows how to touch that soft spot in you 😦 Characters were well described & characterized! Each one of them had their own role to play the novel, no one was un necessary!

Moral gain from this novel: Money can be gained over & over again, but time Can’t!

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A Mother To Be :)

Gotta start with thanking Allah for his blessings & everything he has given me after he took away my dearest mother! Can’t say life became better but I’m surely finding alot of happiness day after day. El7mdellah!

I’m so happy to share this news with you my dearest readers! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since I was 20 yrs old or maybe even younger. I love kids alot & can’t wait for the moment to have my own, touch him/her, carry him/her, raise & play with him/her & even get mad at him/her!

I will surely follow my mother’s path! I will follow how she raised me to raise my own kids, to be successful, respect others, have respectful attitude & reputation! I will want my kid to be the best in the whole world, every mother does 🙂

Am I ready for this experience? Nop, no one is ready for that, it comes to you naturally I guess! Yes, I’m worried about sleepless nights, post-birth depression, weight-loss & other things but hey this is life & many people went through it & i will nshallah 😀

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