Size XXSmall, Size XSmall, Size Small

Shopping these has become very ver depressing! Brands are manipulating sizes and I’m not joking; wherever you go you only see size XXS, XS, OR S. & They wouldn’t even fit on my 8 year old cousin! WTH? And if you’re lucky & find XL, trust me it’s the definition of “Original Small”. My petit sister buys Large so it can fit her perfectly & not look like a mermaid when she’s wearing her clothes. Now, the problem is with me, I’m tall & kinda chubby, Large & Xlarge used to be really wide & comfy to wear, but these days, OH GOD, it feels as if I’m suffocating wearing them. So what do you think is the problem? Are they trying to force ladies to lose weight & be super skinny to create a better world y3ni? Guess? Skinny chopsticks don’t fit in some countries, one of them is Kuwait. We love to eat outdoors & try new places, we love to travel & enjoy other countries’ food, & the atmosphere of the country makes it very difficult to enjoy walking in some seasons ( or most seasons) 😛 but we have our share of fit healthy ladies whom i admire 😉

Now, to solve my problem, or the problem of many ladies out there suffering from (Sizes Disorder). What do I do, when I like a piece of cloth which is not my size but I’m dying to get it? I do get it & then try to fix it somehow with the tailor 😀 *Clever* I know many of you does that but some don’t even think about it. Trust me, it’s easy, but you gotta check the piece of the cloth & see if it can be fixed or not, some cannot. So don’t go waste your money on a piece that will end inside your wardrobe forever or you give up & lose hope of losing weight so you donate it with the label still attached.

Recently, I saw this beautiful pants at Zara which came only in size Small *grin*. It was very tight from the waist but wide from the knee down. So i thought this can be fixed. I bought, went to the fabric store in Mishref, got me some fabrics & went to the tailor & asked him to fix the pant for me & he did 🙂 Look at the result! Now, i can enjoy wearing size Small 😛 & nobody knows it has been fixed coz im wearing a long blouse & it doesn’t show 😉

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8 thoughts on “Size XXSmall, Size XSmall, Size Small

  1. The same problem for men’s wear, some times u end up buying an XL while your actual size is M. Most stores did change the country they used to import from inorder to get it for a cheaper price sizes varies from region to another although they r the same brand & from the same manufacturing countries.

    • Yeah i tried once buying smth from a men’s store & found the sizes were very small in comparison with the men’s body! I don’t know why thye’ve done this!

  2. I totally agree with you; I have learned that different clothing companies have adopted new sizes (i.e. S is actually an XXXS in real life) to justify the eating disorders girls are going through or something of that sort. I was shocked when I jumped from a M to an XL simply because M was now the new XS! They should stop doing this and revert back to the original sizes and no I am not fatter now it’s just the way the clothes are being made. Different designers have different size matrixes I remember being able to wear a size 10 pants from one store and the same size 10 wouldn’t fit me in another store and I had to go higher.

    Something has to be done; I can’t shop online for clothes since you cannot guarantee the size you buy is actually going to fit you or be smaller.

    • yeah, that’s what am going through these days specially online shopping :/ probably they’re doing this coz of what u said but that aint right t all!

  3. It’s like clothing stores are purposely trying to make people feel insecure. I used to be a fat kid and had to wear clothes from the womens section and have it tailored to fit :p But you’re totally right about the clothes size changing. Compare your old zara clothes (if you still have ’em) from a few years back to today. One of my medium shirts from 4 years ago is now the same as a large.

    • you’ve also noticed how Zara hv changed their sizes in an unbelievable way! sh’salfathom?

  4. Yup I noticed that, I got a jacket from Zara in size M and I can barely fit my arm in :/
    Mango is usually even smaller in sizes from Zara, each store have their own weird sizing, and I loved the pants. Gorgeous colours mashallah 🙂

    • before i used to wear L from Zara, now XL doesn’t fit me unless i alter it :S

      thank u dear 😀

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