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Arab Street-Singapore

Arab Street is one of the most famous streets in Singapore where you can enjoy shopping from cheap stores, walking between colorful buildings, eating from delicious restaurants & you can also get inside the huge mosque & have a tour inside it.

My dad being a little bit religious, he wanted to pray Friday prayer inside the mosque, & he forced us to get inside with him (women’s section) 😛 I tell you, it’s the weirdest prayer I’ve ever witnessed. It’s a normal Friday prayer with a speech & everything, but they have this ritual where they say something (I forgot what it was) 100 times. I got irritated after a while because this prayer wouldn’t end. But thankfully it did, & I told Dad I’m not going to any Friday prayer in a strange country 😛

After that, we enjoyed checking the mini stores which were closed before the prayer & opened afterwards. & We had lunch in a lovely place sitting outside while it was raining. beautiful atmosphere.

Loved this place alot, it was very clean & lovely. Went to it twice when we stayed there!

I’lle leave you with the pictures;

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Pretty Little things Charity Expo

Photo taken by Jacqui

Yesterday, I was invited by the lovely lady Nouf Hussain to attend Pretty Little Things charity expo which is being held at Bait Al Sadu. I love that place, it’s very traditional & cozy. And it wasn’t that crowded like what you see in big expos, this one was very quiet & serene. Loved it.

What made it so special is the GCC brands that are participating in it, such as; Sotra, Fyonka etc. And also the fact that it has a very nice goal which is to renovate the orphanage. Last date May 1st 2012.

Give  them a visit

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Rice Pudding Factory Experience

I was invited long time ago by Mr. Abdullah Alshaiji to try the newly opened Rice Pudding Factory in Alnuzha, but couldn’t find the right time to go & try it. Luckily, last Thursday I was able to pass by & try the taste of rice pudding which I’ve never tasted before.

To be frank, it has a unique taste, I loved the Raspberry Cheese Cake & The Original from the cold flavors & adored the Caramel flavor from the hot ones. The toppings & sauces made it more & more yummy.

There are some flavors kids will definitely enjoy & other flavors will win the heart of the adults.

Currently, craving the Caramel one *sigh*

Rice Pudding Factory is located in Alnuzha, Block 3, next to Starbucks.

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Book Review: Sins Of The House Of Borgia

This book is a total crap! Excuse my language my I’m really frustrated as the title was misleading in every aspect. The book is an imaginary story of real historical figures. If you’re familiar with The Borgia family then you’ll know they had lots & lots of sins, but this book only talked about the sins of Cesare & not all of them, if they’re considered sins compared to what he has done in his real life.

The story didn’t have a plot, no beginning no ending! i felt it was an open book that will never ever have an ending! It’s like swimming in a huge sea having no where to go. That’s how I felt while reading this book! You keep on reading, reading, reading & you feel you’ve accomplished a little for there were alot of un-neccessary details that did no good to the whole story.

I wish I never bought this book!

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Zee Brgr New Menu Experience

Last year, I went to try the newly opened Contemporary Restaurant Zee Brgr & I liked the place & the food very much, I wrote about them on December 2011 (Click Here) but their menu was kinda limited. Now that they’re almost 6 months old, they’ve expanded their dishes, so I’ve received an invitation from Mr. Joe to try the new additions.

I loved their new creations & mixes. Alot of varieties & you can choose whatever you want from Makis, Burgers, Steaks, Fries, Starters & Salads. Also their dessert has a delicious new addition which I’ll talk about with its pictures!

I have to say that this kind of restaurant is not for everybody, some will like it,some will not! My husband is a picky eater & rarely he likes the restaurants I take him to, but he really enjoyed his time & loved the food!

Zee Brgr is Located in Palms Beach Hotel & Resort.

Now, let’s have a look at what we ate 😉

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Zain Trip To Alhamra Tower

Remember school trips when we used to ride un-air conditioned buses but still we had fun? Zain made us remember those good old days but with a fine air conditioned bus 😛

The aim behind this trip is to introduce us to their new branch which will open soon nshallah in Alhamra Tower. It’s supposed to be a luxury branch where you’ll see new screens that are not available in Kuwait & other new facilities will be available at this branch & will be added to the other branches.

We left Zain Head Office around 2:30pm with Mr. Mohmd Almuhaini being our Tour Guide, accompanied by a DJ inside the bus. The first song was “drewelna 3ash 3ash” lol 😛 That was a good start 😉

Then they distributed snack boxes which turned out to be very useful after the long tour inside the tour in this hot weather.

Now, let’s have a tour inside Alhamra Tower & introduce you to Zain’s new luxury branch 😉

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Clark Quay-Singapore

Clark Quay is one of the busiest & crowded places in Singapore, specially at night! But when you visit it on Sunday afternoon (like we did) then you’ll be able to enjoy the view but you’ll be fortunate if you find opened restaurants, coz most of them open around 5pm or 7pm.

There you can enjoy a river cruise around the place that will show you some of the magnificent places in the country! Enjoy food & you’ll also enjoy sitting in one of the weirdest cafes/restaurants (you’ll see in the pictures below). Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of some of the restaurants, only few!

If you’re planning to visit Singapore anytime soon, then pass by Clark Quay & enjoy your night there 🙂

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Deco Expo

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Singapore Fine Dining: Yu Cuisine

A couple of days ago I remembered that I haven’t posted everything about my trip to Singapore last year! So I’ll be occupied the next days posting about lovely Singapore 🙂

The restaurant serves fine Chinese food, & Yu means Fish 🙂 The food there is heavenly delicious! We didn’t want to leave but we were full & there was no place for more food!

I remember my sister ordering a huge dish “prawn with rice” & the manager insisted that we all share this dish. My sister got pissed off & told her “This is my dish & i’m going to eat it alone” LOL. The manager couldn’t believe that. When we finished eating, she came back & checked my sister’s dish “Ooooh you finished it all” she was really shocked, my sister just stared at her. The thing is it was 5pm & we were really hungry & what they don’t understand is that Arabs eat ALOT of food, unlike their tiny portions 😛

It was a very nice experience, if you’re heading to Singapore anytime soon, make sure to pass by Yu Restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands Mall.

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Pretty Little Things Exhibition

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Book Review: Belly Laughs

Whether you’re pregnant or not, this book will literary crack you up & make you laugh like crazy! Trust me, you’ll laugh non stop! I can relate to some of the stuff she mentioned but oh boy she describes them pretty well! It’s as if she’s reading my mind!

I loved the way she expressed her thoughts & feelings during those 9 months, how she chose her words & how she managed to put them all together to make you laugh & enjoy the ride! Full of wittiness & naughtiness. Jenny McCarthy is awesome!

Oh & yeah, i finished reading this book in less than 10 hrs, I just couldn’t put it down 🙂

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The Kitchen Dining Experience

I’ve always ordered food from The Kitchen whether at work or for a gathering! I love their food & their creativity! A couple of days ago, my aunts & I avec their friends went to dine at The Kitchen (Abu Alhasany) & unfortunately, some dishes weren’t available like the Pumpkin Hummus (love that dish). Wish they’ll bring it back!

The atmosphere was amazing as usual! The Village is just an amazing place to chill out & enjoy alot of food 😉 The staff were friendly & we got our food on time & it tastes so good that all of us had to eat from each others’ dishes 😛 & yeah, they went crazy because I told them not to touch the food until I take pictures. You’ll see some of them were shaky because they were driving me nuts 😛

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