Book Review: The Woman In Black

If this book was supposed to be a gothic-ghost like-story then be disappointed! I know i am! I saw the movie last week & it really made me jump from my seat! The details in the movie were much better than the book! It wasn’t scary at all & i couldn’t feel suspense, thriller or anything terrifying.

Let’s discuss the narrative! was kinda boring! I hate novels that contains un-neccessary descriptions more than conversations! It just bores me, beside it didn’t do any good to the story. The characters; the whole novel was about Arthur Kipps that’s it! Other characters will appear once or twice! One character also brings boredom to the reader. As for the story, it was good but the style of writing didn’t do any good to it. I liked the ending of the book more than the movie’s but that’s it! Nothing more to like about this book!

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