Is It A Cinema or Diwaniya?

Ok, I’m really pissed off from the attitude of some people living in Kuwait. Now, I really can’t comprehend why people going to the movies would open their mouths during the movie to chat about un-related stuff or just discuss every stupid detail of the moviein the theatre. Just watch the god damn thing quietly & let us enjoy our time.

Last week, a couple were in the movies with their toddler who was jumping from one seat to another & kicking my own seat constantly. I turned my head & stared at the parents but they acted as if they didn’t see me. You think they made him sit down? Oh no, he continued to move from one seat to another! I turned my head & asked them nicely to make their kid sit down in one place but they just ignored me as if i was speaking to a wall! Stupid parents! After the movie was done, I stared at the mother & she stared back as if saying “WHAT?” dum dum dum! oooffff

A couple of days ago, a couple were sitting next to me were talking talking talking non-stop! I swear (Wallah el3atheem) they (both) didn’t shut their mouths for a minute! & their voice was very loud! Specially the lady: “Ambeeeeh” “OMG” “Shit” “hdoooma mbalela” “shlon chethy” “waaaaaaaaay laaaa” “ethaga ra7 e9eer chethy” etct etc etc aaaaaaaaahhhhhh JUST shut up! She was talking about stupid things every minute which drove me really crazzzzzy :/

Seriously people! Why would you go to the movies if you wanna have a chit chat with your partner? Why not stay home & just blabber all day long about the stupid wet clothes of the main actor in the movie! Why go to the theaters & disturb the audience! WHY?

I’ve been to the movies in Malaysia & Dubai! Haven’t witnessed a thing from what i’m experiencing in our movies! Except in Egypt where you witness a mother breast-feeding her new born in the theatre (3adi 6bi3i)!

I;m really pissed & upset from our people’s attitude whether citizens or expats! We are supposed to be civilized not living in the stone-age!

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22 thoughts on “Is It A Cinema or Diwaniya?

  1. That’s what you get when you go to the movies in Kuwait. I went to a gazillion movies in the US and Dubai and enjoyed my time there without being harrassed or having heard loud conversations. It sucks that people in Kuwait think that the Cinema belongs to Daddy dearest and therefore they can do whatever.

    Allah kareem.

    • yeah they they act as if it’s cinamat obohom! someone should do smth about this! it’s not ok just to accept it & move on or stop going to the movies because of ill-mannered people!

  2. Nezar

    Unfortunately, some of the people that go to the cinemas are ignorant, careless & impolite. As u said, u want to talk about something, do it at home but don’t annoy everyone else who came to enjoy a movie. And if u try to ask them politely they just don’t like it!!
    That causes frustration!! U wish that u could smack them on their faces.

  3. q8marronglace

    Well that was one of the main reasons why I don’t go to cinema in Kuwait πŸ™‚

    • it’s your right to enjoy ur quality time at the movies! these people should stop talking not us! not fair wallah!

      • q8marronglace

        I totally understand but I have no problem of not going to cinema I got my own lol

      • i wanna make it my mission to discipline those impolite people but how?!

        enjoy ur cinema πŸ˜‰

  4. lol eee wee3!! thats why i dont go to the cinema lol once or twice a year during weekdays il3a9er in VIP, not a single person lol

  5. I hate it when that happens, the worst when I was sitting next to a couple of guys who would not shut up and to make matters worse, they had really bad body odor! Waaaaaa333!!!!!

  6. q8marronglace

    Have to post new comment since there are no more reply button !

    Well you have to put a post with both language : English and Arabic
    and to contact the Kuwait National Cinema Company about this issue
    Then you have to team with other bloggers to come up with some designs
    as the one you have already posted but to be targeted directly to Kuwaiti audience
    Above of all is to keep talking about this matter and never stop …. Once you do
    it will be forgotten !!!

    Good Luck ;o)

  7. Sarah

    Just go to VIP. I always go to the VIP bookings and there’s no weirdos there.

    • 1st of all as i said, it’s not worth the money! im not paying KD6 for a butchered movie! & 2nd of all, we should not run from the problem, it must be solved! we’ll be like hooligans in the eyes of tourists when they see such attitude & behavior!

  8. engasr

    & thats exactly why torrents movies are downloaded πŸ˜€ ,,, i got my self a fancy sound system to my big LCD screen and i enjoy movies in the peaceful of my couch

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