The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

One of the best episodes so far! This was a shocking ending! Spoilers alert!

First I’m glad that Shane is dead, he was pissing me off & i was kinda scared that he’ll do something to mess up the group or ruin their plans! He tried to but good thing Rick was more clever than him & took control of the situation! Lori was a total b**** at the end of the episode, i mean that’s your husband stupid lady, you should be by his side no matter what & she knew what he did was the best thing & he didn’t have a choice yet she acted so selfishly!

Rick’s personality has changed & I liked that due to the situations they’ve been through! You can see how season 2 shaped a new Rick & that was a great move in the script, because this change needed to be done or else it would have become boring. Daryl is one of the characters that also started to change & i began to love him! His character is awesome.

Now, we’ll be waiting for season 3 to get some answers! Who’s that hooded guy that saved Andrea & what will happen next? Is it a plague now? how did that happen? you die & then you turn! Season 3 will be awesome 🙂

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8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

  1. Anonymous

    That character is Michonne. The Walking Dead is a comic book series. None of this is a secret.

  2. It was a daaaaammmnn goooooood finale!!! Now I just cant wait till Lori dies ya allah shno etbi6 il chabd o la7thay inha kila emhayta il walad ba3dain itsawelina film hindy “oohhh my son I cant leave without him blah blah blah” Siktaay bs siktaay!! (Lol wa7da menba6a chabdha)

    Season 3 shakla qawiii I cant wait!! 😀

    oh and by the way *spoiler*itsagirlnotaguy*spoiler* ;p

    • looooool yeah i want her to die too! Maleeeqa eeeffff

      okay, til here & stop! don’t say anything more! I want to be surprised in season 3 😀

  3. Well its was a nice show but for me its getting bored when they have spent most of it in
    that farm there was no more excitement , So now I wish all of the cast to die in the 3rd
    season !

    If you like this show you also might like ” The River”

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