New Dishes At Maki & Anniversary Celebration

Last year on the 15th of March 2011, I got married & went to Maki Marina Waves to have dinner there with my husband 🙂 I’m a big fan of Maki & Marina Waves was the best choice because it’s cozy & you get to have alot of privacy unlike malls. So when i received an invitation from Maki to try their new dishes a couple of days ago, I was so excited because it was the perfect timing & I chose ofcourse Marina Waves branch. It’s a very romantic place to have dinner there with your husband or wife!

We arrived there around 6:30pm, the place was empty because it was a bit early for dinner (later it started to get crowded). The staff greeted us with a lovely smile as usual & guess what? The table they reserved for us was the same table we dined on last year, what a lovely coincidence 🙂 Even my husband thought I planned this, but I told him i didn’t 😛

Thank You Mr. Emile Haykal for the invitation & reserving our special table even though you didn;t know about it 🙂

The variety of the new menu is huge & very tempting! We were very confused because everything looked so delicious on that iPad menu. Let me give you a tour of what we ordered & explain a bit about each dish … shall we?!

Marina Waves Branch

“French Do Bin Mushi Soup”

Black Tiger Shrimp with Coriander, Spring Onion & Shitake Mushroom. Very yummy & exquisite to start your dinner with 🙂

“Senzai Shake Aburi Salad” Grilled Salmon, imported shisho mix herbs, thyme & Chef special sauce! The salad was good, loved the green salad mix with herbs but i felt it lacked somethings, probably more sauce!

“Maki Duck Salad” Asian Roasted Duck with imported Shisho mix herbs, pomelo fruit with Chef Special sauce. I was kinda skeptical about this order because sometimes restaurants don’t cook the duck in a good way. Boy I was wrong, it turned out to be delicious & very yummy! Loved the sauce & the whole mix! Def my IT salad from now on 😀

“Kappa Zume” Stuffed cucumber with crabsticks, salmon, crispy tempura & wasabi nori flakes with Maki special spicy sauce. I’m telling you all now, you gotta try this new dish, it’s heavenly delicious! The taste of cucumber combined with the crabsticks & salmon melting in your mouth with the spicy sauce drives you crazy! I really really loved this dish!

Love how the photo I’ve taken of this dish turned out to be HOT 😀

“Ebi Tempura Bites”Ebi Tempura with Midori rice, crabsticks, topped with wild thyme & special sweet & spicy sauce. This dish comes to you in 4 pieces but to be honest it’s not enough, coz once you get one piece into your mouth, you want more & more. I had to share this dish with my husband ofcourse, so each had 2 pieces! Not enough 😛 Great dish & great sweet spicy sauce!

“Tiger Shrimp Tacos” Black Tiger Shrimp, Coriander, Cabbage & Maki special spicy sauce! Hhhhmmm how can I describe this dish for you people? It’s like when Japanese meets Mexican cuisine! Never thought of this combination before but it was a great combination! Great mixture Maki 😉

“Beetroot Mame Maki” Crabsticks, Prawns Tempura, Avocado, Tobiko & Crispy Beetroot with Maki Special Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mixture. Both husband & I had mixed feelings about this dish. The beetroot gave the Maki special taste yet it was a bit dry, I guess it needed more sauce, more liquid.

“Creamy Lobster Tail” Old is Gold bebeh! This is one of the dishes I always crave when I enter Maki & it never fails me. Everytime I order it, it still has the same great yummy delicious taste. Love it!

“Tartufu Yaki Udon” Scallops, Yaki Udon, Truffles with Maki special mixture of Olive Sesame & Black Truffle Oil. Fage3 & Noodles! Ya salaaaaam! The tastes was marvelous! If you love fage3 (truffles) then certainly you’ll love this dish alot. My husband loved it so much that he ate it all & I only had a couple of bites 😛

“Maki Four Ways” Chocolate Lave Cake, Vanilla Ice cream with nuts, Coconut & Passion Fruit smth  & White Chocolate Cheesecake. The end was with this dessert dish that had a variety of sweeeeeeet filled with love & passion! It came with a candle & a love celebration song (Thank You Maki). The whole dish was delicious, my favorite was the Coconut & Passion Fruit Ball, it was something new & delicious! My husband;s favorite was the Chocolate Lave, he loved it.

Thank You Maki for a night to remember 😀

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12 thoughts on “New Dishes At Maki & Anniversary Celebration

  1. 3alaikom bl 3afya hehe now I would never go to a Japanese restaurant I’m just not a fan hehe 😛 I’d prefer steak any day! 😛

  2. Miss Good Egg

    Awal mafita7 a7isa kan a7san; their food doesn’t taste as good as the branch in Burj Jassim for some reason but I guess since it’s next to the sea front it does make give it a romantic ambiance. bil 3afia :*

    • hhhmmm shofay, i always go to the one in Marina Waves n the food still tastes good but i dont know about the other branches. but the avenues one is still good, tried it 2 weeks ago 🙂

  3. Summer

    Congrats on the anniversary, but didn’t they close Maki?

  4. amk

    im sorry to inform you but I heard that maki will shut down for good..something to do with selling rotten meat. again this news is not official but be careful.

    • Dear that was a rumor, Maki’s name got mixed up with another restaurant renting the same warehouse! It’s a rumor! Maki is still live & active & very clean!

  5. gorgeous! i havent been there in such a long time! i miss essa maki 😦

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