1st Marriage Anniversary

Time fliesssss by very faaaaaaaaast 🙂

I still can’t absorb how one year of marriage has gone by & we’re walking through the 2nd one. It’s been one hell of a year! Getting to know the person you’re living with, getting used to his temper, personality, what makes him happy & what makes him upset, how to control his anger & frustration. It takes such effort to get to know someone by heart. I’m not gonna tell you it was all lovey dovey all the time & lie to you! We had our ups & downs because we’re two different people living under one roof, & trying to explore each other. but it was a good happy year full of love, respect, happiness, action, arguments, & laughter. and more to come nshallah 🙂

I’ve changed alot, I’m not the lazy crazy girl anymore … Okay, i’m still lazy & crazy in a lady like. But i started cooking great dishes that hubs would literally call me from work or let me know about it in advance that he’s craving that particular dish! Which makes me really happy! i used to hate the kitchen! i used to fight with Mom (allah yer7amha) because I didn;t want to learn cooking. I started washing the dishes, cleaning the place, ironing & other stuff i haven;t done in my whole life.

Yes, marriage has changed me … in a good way & i’m proud of it. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “1st Marriage Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary Babes! I know I still can’t believe how fast time flew and that we’re in March already!

    Enshalla the next years will bring you even more happiness and peace and will give you all that you wish for!

    Allah etamem 3alaikom eb alf khair o ya7mekom mn kel shar! :** Loves you!

    • suddenly, we’ll find ourselves old wrinkled ladies 😛

      ameeen ya rb o yrzgeceh eb weld el7alal elli yas3edech :*

  2. Miss Good Egg

    I’ve actually thought you’ve been married longer mashallah. Allah y5aleekom 7g ba3a’6. Happy 1st anniversary :*

  3. happy anniversary :*** 3asa doom happpy ya rab :**

  4. Congratulation :* and happy anniversary , alaah ewafgich ya rab o ys3dich

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!! 😀 Allah y5aleekum 7ag ba3ath;*

  6. Happy Anniversay Babes, yet more to come :*

  7. mashallah mashallah.. alf mabrook o el 3omr kulu inshallah

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