Bloggers Event: Dessert Tasting At The November Company

So I got invited to attend this dessert tasting event hosted by The November Company. They will be launching new items on their menu, so they invited bloggers, instagramers, & tweeters to try their new dessert items & the winner dishes will be added to their menu soon.

The atmosphere was very cozy & romantic. The owners Bibi & Jude Hayat were very sweet & kind trying to talk to everyone & explaining every detail regarding this event. They introduced us to their business, their 3 branches (Event Planning, Bakery, Accessories).

What I loved about this event is the honesty  & clarity we felt or had with the owners. They asked regular people to judge their dishes, ask for their criticism & accepted it with a huge smile. They didn’t invite food critics (who needs them). We were all regular people eating & enjoying the taste of sugar & offering our opinion about each dish!

It was a lovely experience. Thank you Bibi & Jude for a lovely experience.

Lemon Juice

here we come 😀

Strawberry & Raspberry chocolate parfait (damaaar)

Banana Nut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (ta3theeeb)

Oreo Cookie (not sure of the name, i kinda forgot 😛 )

Chocolate chip Cheese Cake

Turkish Delight … A True Delight

the aftermath 😀

We end the evening with a cup of espresso 😉

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8 thoughts on “Bloggers Event: Dessert Tasting At The November Company

  1. Anfal

    In saying “food critics (who needs them)”, you are really undermining what they do. All professions deserve respect. Food critics have the expertise to judge food and drinks based on aroma, textures, flavor, appearance, other aspects, and how well these aspects work together. Btw, I’m a Food Scientist.
    Anyways, bil3afya 🙂

    • Dear, I did not disrespect anyone! I just said “who needs them?” & this is my humble opinion! When you are serving food for people, you want the opinion of people themselves! You don’t need food critics because it’s not about getting the Michelin Star, it’s about trying to please regular people & when their opinion was asked & appreciated, this was a good move from the owners of the Bakery.

      Allah y3afeech 🙂

  2. It’s called a ‘focus group’ — the standard way a business gets feedback from prospective customers. Participants in focus groups are usually paid for their time and services, as well as given the food to sample. After all, their opinions are important to the success of the business. Here in Kuwait, Marketing Specialists run a quick Google search, find the bloggers who eat out and blog about it, then send them an ‘invite’ to try new menu items. It’s brilliant actually. Saves them the money of paying for the services of a focus group, and allows bloggers to feel like part of an ‘event’.

    Food Critics, on the other hand, dine at more established restaurants anonymously and then provide a professionally written article to the newspaper/magazine they’re employed by (unless they’re an independent). Their views are highly regarded by top Chefs around the world. They don’t provide just an ‘opinion’ (that’s what bloggers do) — they offer serious critiques based on years of experience and sometimes training. These are well travelled, very cultured individuals who can identify the most inimitable ingedients in recipes most around here will never experience.

    This is why local restaurants prefer the focus group over the true critic.

  3. 3alaikom bl 3afya bs I see that you are missing the better camera 😛

    • ee cos husband took it with him & this one sucks at nights! thnk god he’s back now! I must get me a new one just in case 😀

      allah y3afeech :*

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